Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Road Of Life

Staring at the face of death in the cold silent nights,
Frozen in tendrils of fear when reflecting my frightened eyes.
Violent sights and heightened fights fill our lives,
Dying lies and trying cries kill our might.
Whispers of the stars in the blanket of black,
crawling shadows in the night like paranoia and looking back.
Streetlamps that fault and fail destroying our hope,
To walk a path in light; that dream has now closed.
Our beliefs that started strong have become weak and wavering,
Like we are bereft of the moments we smiled at; ones we were savouring.
Cold haunts our spines when we feel all alone,
Like death has just passed giving a chance to our souls.
Standing in awe looking at the long treacherous roads,
yet silent whispers say Let Us Trust In Our Hopes.
Our hearts say we are only a step away from home,
but the shadows reach to the cores of our flesh and bones.
The step now feels like it is a million miles away,
A distance now even a million smiles cannot save.
Were there now a flash of hope in the distant skies,
Tears would fill every corner of my glistening eyes.
Were there now a morning I could wake up to,
My heart would then keep beating to love too.
Were there now a lighthouse that could guide the way,
My life would never stray to what my mind would say.
Were there a reason to stay forever alive,
my heart would keep breathing till I could fly.
Were I in love; would this feeling of darkness exist,
Were I to trust; would the meaning of heartless be bliss?
Life is never the choices that we opt to take,
merely a chance on the long narrow road that we fail to make.

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