Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Solitude;  Feeling so locked up and imprisoned,
Cornered by my shadows and doubts in this prism,
The things that I did and things I really wish I didn't,
But through my problems I never had anyone who would listen.
Trying to understand the depths of my mind now,
Trying to comprehend what my heart feels when the lights out.
Drowning in my yesterday; Trying to reach for tomorrow,
Trying to remember my happiness but Im overwhelmed in my sorrow.
It's dark again and I can't find the star I want to follow,
I don't feel myself anymore; why do I feel so hollow?
Constantly facing a world of hatred on a daily basis,
the pressure building up on my head feeling crazy; hate this.
Aggro from every where I look,
can someone save me; I'm pain sick.
Hiding away from the sun rays; Nothing used to phase me but now its raining.
Looking back at the world It feels like everyone is against me;
And I blame this,
My heart feels like its going to break;
and i need to face this.
No one can catch a tear of mine and understand my pain,
No one has the same reason as mine to  scream in the rain.
Can you feel my suffering in these rhythms of remorse,
Like being stuck in a cage; of prisms forced.
All i need is a rope to hold on to; for my escape,
and maybe when someone reads this; they can relate.
We live in a world where we need to understand one another,
that the only difference is that we have different mothers.

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