Sunday, 7 July 2013


Bitten by the howling winds that are grasping me,
when you see me; do you first look at the past in me?
The sun that spreads light to the corners of the world,
like how rumours spread; nothing is faster than words.
Look at my eyes; Can you see the very same lies,
the ones that you hear from those with weak minds?
blind with arrogance; overwhelmed with ignorance,
lack of self worth; decieving their own interests.
Conflicts of friends and enemies become instant,
revolving around words that spread with inferance.
Look at my heart; do you believe now what you heard,
Reflect on my sorrowful tears; Have these events ever occured?
Evil exists even in silent whispers that pass on,
and the effects of lies shall prolong even if the liar has gone.
If you seek the truth; ask it from me,
I have no need to defend if you indeed trust me.
Though the one who lies knows little of who they lie about,
but the ignorant shall not think and leave all doubt.
Not in sight or in sound; not at that place or anywhere to be found,
Is ever the instigator of falsehood to stick around..
Doubts shall always exists in the hearts of even the faithful,
Truth is something to be found and not expected; not from the hateful.
If you wish to judge me then do so and judge me,
I can only expect understanding from those who really love me.

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