Saturday, 13 July 2013

New days

We all have moments of despair; moments of depression,
but don't let mistakes become regrets let them be a lesson.
We learn from experience; Not from achieving,
We learn from reaching as long as we keep believing.
It does not matter how you are feeling;
unless you give it a meaning,
and if you can't find it ask your heart why you are breathing.
Theres always a reason to why we stay or if we are leaving,
don't remorse over the bad things we keep on seeing.

Look at the sky; a star may diminish but theres a million more,
The sun may set but the moon is instantly born.
When a candle flame has blown out; do not despair,
for even the flickers of a flame can be repaired.
Do not allow your heart to drown in sorrow,
Be strong to yesterday's misery and find a light to follow,
because yesterday has gone and there will always be a tomorrow,
Do not become an apariton or allow your heart to become hollow.

Though the wind may whisper; the sun shall rise on a new day,
The birds will chirp again in an ambience of high definition like Blu-ray.
Believe in the changes of life rather than stressing,
because everyday that comes and goes are blessings.
The blue skies will clear out a path for us to take,
and it's how we travel down this road that will lead us to a better place.

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