Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Distracted by Twitter and Facebook my will to sleep,
Staying in reality instead of finding my dreams.
Forgetting of importance; Forgetting the stars to reach,
Forgetting my need to rest I stay awake to speak.

What is this shadow floating over my head,
What is this doubt that is preventing my rest?
What is this weight that I feel on my chest
And why is it when I finally sleep it feels like death?

Why does sleep not reach me even late at hour,
Why is my insomnia strong; like slumber has no power?
Even when the sun has risen I find no fatique in eyes,
And yet I remain fully awake after the umpteenth tries.
When sleep is trying to find me why does Insomnia fight,
when my heart and mind can no longer bare staying alive?

I need my sleep and I need my rest,
I need my energy its for the best.
Yet why does it haunt me; why does it taunt me,
Knowing that I was a child that was born free?
What has it brought me; why had it sought me,
Though in my mind I live a life that is law free.
So surely; a reason must exist to why it fought me,
And why it still fences with my sleep; trying to rule my mind so lordly.

Insomnia forever be a shadow to plague the mind,
Causing unrest as if a fire to blaze the eyes.

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