Friday, 5 July 2013

do you remember

Do you remember the feeling when our eyes had met,
A moment of magic in our stomachs like the sun had set.
Do you remember when we said how we felt,
as if  lightning had struck the earth like a belt.
Do you remember when we had our very first kiss,
holding each others hands as we were stuck in bliss.
Do you remember when I held you when you were down,
crying in your depression and consumed by your doubts.
Falling in the darkness of your self worth you suffered your sound,
Do you remember that it was only ever me that was always around?
Do you remember when the thunder frightened you,
encouraged by my presence you allowed your love to heighten you.
Do you remember when we danced in the rainy days,
hand in hand we stepped the waltz in crazy ways.
Do you remember when the sun had come out once again,
It was cause of your smile; because you defeated your pain.
Do you remember the last rose I bought for you,
To symbolise the love I nurtured when I fought for you?
Do you remember my laugh and the way I used to talk,
Do you ever in a day give me a single thought?
The heart that once used to beat for your name,
The very same one that was willing to share your pain,
the same tears in your eyes that I would catch in my hands,
but realising now when i write this; things aren't the same.
Do you remember, Do you remember where I used to be,
In the centre of your heart; do you remember me?

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