Monday, 29 July 2013


Breathless; looking left and right with no where to go,
Running to a destination unknown without looking back.
Their purpose in life; does anybody really know,
Or do they look back after the facts?

Cornered and caged by my insecurities; no one can save me,
All i ever needed in my life was somebody to embrace me.
But even my words won't describe how it has been lately,
Like the world had turned and everyone was against me.
Theres no more  air to breathe; im gasping for life,
My eyes are blind; I can't see anymore I need the light.
Can anybody really tell the difference between wrong or right,
Or am i the only one who chose not to use his mind?

I feel like the shadows have cornered me to death,
Like there is no way out till my very last breath.
Trying to squeeze the very life out of my chest,
Slowing down my heartbeats until my soul is dead.

All i need is someone to bring me down a rope,
A light to guide me out; a reason to hope.
All i need is someone to understand me; and not look past me,
If somebody has seen the things I had seen,
Then take my words to heart; life can treat us badly

A friend is a reason to hope; a reason to smile,
Something to look for even if a millon miles.
Peace of the heart and peace of the mind,
A way to the future forget looking behind.
If there is a friend out there;  may you hear these words,
Because we are both in solitude in this world.

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