Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Distracted by Twitter and Facebook my will to sleep,
Staying in reality instead of finding my dreams.
Forgetting of importance; Forgetting the stars to reach,
Forgetting my need to rest I stay awake to speak.

What is this shadow floating over my head,
What is this doubt that is preventing my rest?
What is this weight that I feel on my chest
And why is it when I finally sleep it feels like death?

Why does sleep not reach me even late at hour,
Why is my insomnia strong; like slumber has no power?
Even when the sun has risen I find no fatique in eyes,
And yet I remain fully awake after the umpteenth tries.
When sleep is trying to find me why does Insomnia fight,
when my heart and mind can no longer bare staying alive?

I need my sleep and I need my rest,
I need my energy its for the best.
Yet why does it haunt me; why does it taunt me,
Knowing that I was a child that was born free?
What has it brought me; why had it sought me,
Though in my mind I live a life that is law free.
So surely; a reason must exist to why it fought me,
And why it still fences with my sleep; trying to rule my mind so lordly.

Insomnia forever be a shadow to plague the mind,
Causing unrest as if a fire to blaze the eyes.

Monday, 29 July 2013


Breathless; looking left and right with no where to go,
Running to a destination unknown without looking back.
Their purpose in life; does anybody really know,
Or do they look back after the facts?

Cornered and caged by my insecurities; no one can save me,
All i ever needed in my life was somebody to embrace me.
But even my words won't describe how it has been lately,
Like the world had turned and everyone was against me.
Theres no more  air to breathe; im gasping for life,
My eyes are blind; I can't see anymore I need the light.
Can anybody really tell the difference between wrong or right,
Or am i the only one who chose not to use his mind?

I feel like the shadows have cornered me to death,
Like there is no way out till my very last breath.
Trying to squeeze the very life out of my chest,
Slowing down my heartbeats until my soul is dead.

All i need is someone to bring me down a rope,
A light to guide me out; a reason to hope.
All i need is someone to understand me; and not look past me,
If somebody has seen the things I had seen,
Then take my words to heart; life can treat us badly

A friend is a reason to hope; a reason to smile,
Something to look for even if a millon miles.
Peace of the heart and peace of the mind,
A way to the future forget looking behind.
If there is a friend out there;  may you hear these words,
Because we are both in solitude in this world.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Person I See

I see a person looking back at me,
Staring at me the way I stare in return.
Every gesture I make he reacts to me,
and I realise that what I learn he learns.

I see a person who has my eyes reflecting my soul,
who has my features from every bit of flesh and bone.
I see a person who looks where I look,
from right to left; we share the same view.

I see a person who feels the same as what I feel,
contemplating ideologies between what is false and real.
I see a person who wants to be where i am,
And I where he is yet he also has my hands.

I see a person who reaches out when i reach out,
who in the cold of the night also breathes loud.
I see a person bereft of will; exhausted from trying,
but isn't it strange that I also feel like I'm dying?

I see a person reaching out; trying to find me,
but when I reach out I feel something cold yet shiny.
It's a mirror; I see a reflection of me,
in a world where many defections I see.
The mirror is not just an ornament of the house,
but also an object to find yourself even in doubt.
Hearts may scream all it can bare but not a sound,
Nothing to be heard and certainly nothing to be found.
Yet look in the mirror and everything shall be there,
You shall see you; perhaps the only one that really cares.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

New days

We all have moments of despair; moments of depression,
but don't let mistakes become regrets let them be a lesson.
We learn from experience; Not from achieving,
We learn from reaching as long as we keep believing.
It does not matter how you are feeling;
unless you give it a meaning,
and if you can't find it ask your heart why you are breathing.
Theres always a reason to why we stay or if we are leaving,
don't remorse over the bad things we keep on seeing.

Look at the sky; a star may diminish but theres a million more,
The sun may set but the moon is instantly born.
When a candle flame has blown out; do not despair,
for even the flickers of a flame can be repaired.
Do not allow your heart to drown in sorrow,
Be strong to yesterday's misery and find a light to follow,
because yesterday has gone and there will always be a tomorrow,
Do not become an apariton or allow your heart to become hollow.

Though the wind may whisper; the sun shall rise on a new day,
The birds will chirp again in an ambience of high definition like Blu-ray.
Believe in the changes of life rather than stressing,
because everyday that comes and goes are blessings.
The blue skies will clear out a path for us to take,
and it's how we travel down this road that will lead us to a better place.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Solitude;  Feeling so locked up and imprisoned,
Cornered by my shadows and doubts in this prism,
The things that I did and things I really wish I didn't,
But through my problems I never had anyone who would listen.
Trying to understand the depths of my mind now,
Trying to comprehend what my heart feels when the lights out.
Drowning in my yesterday; Trying to reach for tomorrow,
Trying to remember my happiness but Im overwhelmed in my sorrow.
It's dark again and I can't find the star I want to follow,
I don't feel myself anymore; why do I feel so hollow?
Constantly facing a world of hatred on a daily basis,
the pressure building up on my head feeling crazy; hate this.
Aggro from every where I look,
can someone save me; I'm pain sick.
Hiding away from the sun rays; Nothing used to phase me but now its raining.
Looking back at the world It feels like everyone is against me;
And I blame this,
My heart feels like its going to break;
and i need to face this.
No one can catch a tear of mine and understand my pain,
No one has the same reason as mine to  scream in the rain.
Can you feel my suffering in these rhythms of remorse,
Like being stuck in a cage; of prisms forced.
All i need is a rope to hold on to; for my escape,
and maybe when someone reads this; they can relate.
We live in a world where we need to understand one another,
that the only difference is that we have different mothers.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Road Of Life

Staring at the face of death in the cold silent nights,
Frozen in tendrils of fear when reflecting my frightened eyes.
Violent sights and heightened fights fill our lives,
Dying lies and trying cries kill our might.
Whispers of the stars in the blanket of black,
crawling shadows in the night like paranoia and looking back.
Streetlamps that fault and fail destroying our hope,
To walk a path in light; that dream has now closed.
Our beliefs that started strong have become weak and wavering,
Like we are bereft of the moments we smiled at; ones we were savouring.
Cold haunts our spines when we feel all alone,
Like death has just passed giving a chance to our souls.
Standing in awe looking at the long treacherous roads,
yet silent whispers say Let Us Trust In Our Hopes.
Our hearts say we are only a step away from home,
but the shadows reach to the cores of our flesh and bones.
The step now feels like it is a million miles away,
A distance now even a million smiles cannot save.
Were there now a flash of hope in the distant skies,
Tears would fill every corner of my glistening eyes.
Were there now a morning I could wake up to,
My heart would then keep beating to love too.
Were there now a lighthouse that could guide the way,
My life would never stray to what my mind would say.
Were there a reason to stay forever alive,
my heart would keep breathing till I could fly.
Were I in love; would this feeling of darkness exist,
Were I to trust; would the meaning of heartless be bliss?
Life is never the choices that we opt to take,
merely a chance on the long narrow road that we fail to make.


Bitten by the howling winds that are grasping me,
when you see me; do you first look at the past in me?
The sun that spreads light to the corners of the world,
like how rumours spread; nothing is faster than words.
Look at my eyes; Can you see the very same lies,
the ones that you hear from those with weak minds?
blind with arrogance; overwhelmed with ignorance,
lack of self worth; decieving their own interests.
Conflicts of friends and enemies become instant,
revolving around words that spread with inferance.
Look at my heart; do you believe now what you heard,
Reflect on my sorrowful tears; Have these events ever occured?
Evil exists even in silent whispers that pass on,
and the effects of lies shall prolong even if the liar has gone.
If you seek the truth; ask it from me,
I have no need to defend if you indeed trust me.
Though the one who lies knows little of who they lie about,
but the ignorant shall not think and leave all doubt.
Not in sight or in sound; not at that place or anywhere to be found,
Is ever the instigator of falsehood to stick around..
Doubts shall always exists in the hearts of even the faithful,
Truth is something to be found and not expected; not from the hateful.
If you wish to judge me then do so and judge me,
I can only expect understanding from those who really love me.

Friday, 5 July 2013

do you remember

Do you remember the feeling when our eyes had met,
A moment of magic in our stomachs like the sun had set.
Do you remember when we said how we felt,
as if  lightning had struck the earth like a belt.
Do you remember when we had our very first kiss,
holding each others hands as we were stuck in bliss.
Do you remember when I held you when you were down,
crying in your depression and consumed by your doubts.
Falling in the darkness of your self worth you suffered your sound,
Do you remember that it was only ever me that was always around?
Do you remember when the thunder frightened you,
encouraged by my presence you allowed your love to heighten you.
Do you remember when we danced in the rainy days,
hand in hand we stepped the waltz in crazy ways.
Do you remember when the sun had come out once again,
It was cause of your smile; because you defeated your pain.
Do you remember the last rose I bought for you,
To symbolise the love I nurtured when I fought for you?
Do you remember my laugh and the way I used to talk,
Do you ever in a day give me a single thought?
The heart that once used to beat for your name,
The very same one that was willing to share your pain,
the same tears in your eyes that I would catch in my hands,
but realising now when i write this; things aren't the same.
Do you remember, Do you remember where I used to be,
In the centre of your heart; do you remember me?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Were my heart..

Were my heart to emit a sound; the stars would diminish,
Were my heart to be found; Life itself would be finished.
Were my heart to cry; we would all be drowned,
Were my heart to lie; It would be the cause of doubt.
Were my heart dead; I could not feel so alive,
If my heart had left; I could not feel the light.

Were my heart so dark; I would not find the morning,
Were my heart so very far; I would be alone in the haunting.
Were my heart so fragile; I would be broken,
Were my heart like rock; I would not be able to open.
Were my heart like others; Could I still be me?
Were my heart not mine; Where would i be?

Were my heart to confess; my undying love for you,
Would you hear everything it has to say?
Were my heart to admit; this trying lust for you,
Would you fear my love and drive it away?
Were my heart a pebble would you throw it,
Were my heart what you needed; would you know it?
Were my heart a precious gem; would you keep it,
or let it break and destroy all of my feelings?

Were my heart the pinnacle of your smiles,
would you call it your happiness?
Were my heart the reason for the light in your eyes,
Would you always keep me happy then?
Were my heart a blessing; Would you accept it forever?
Were my heart everything; Would we be together?