Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Starless Nights

Starless nights pass in ghastly silence,
Heartless lies grasping; so vastly violent.
Though the moon may speak in sleep,
Our souls lay stagnant in blissful dreams.
What is the world in the eyes that we see with?
What are the words with the lies that we are hearing?
Secrets revealing; reality decieving,
Hearts are believing; losses defeated.
The pain is reaching and we are unable to achieve it,
The goals we ambitioned our hearts with; the ones we were dreaming.
Like walking on the fire that was sleeping,
Unable to find the right reason to the meaning of our breathing,
Or the reason to as to why we feel these feelings.
Its like the shadows breathe in the lonely night skies,
The leaves that fade away as the time flies.
Do we feel the pain when our eyes cry,
or is that only relevant when the light dies?
Take a look at your heart and tell me what you feel,
Remorse and regrets or something way too real?
Life is always about the chances we dare not take,
and steps taken along the path; the hearts we let break.
Looking back is should never be an option or choice,
We should only live by ourselves; our own voice.

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