Tuesday, 28 May 2013

We were once so close

Months pass since the days we used to converse daily,
Sometimes it even felt so intense like you would hate me.
I thought we would stay bestfriends until time would phase me,
But everytime I message; no reply and I've felt worthless lately.
I wanted to tell you how i really and truly felt about it,
But i can't approach you so here is a poem in the hopes that it sounds it.
A letter in a bottle thrown at sea hoping you had found it,
Sinking in the depths of the remorse I will drown in.
I will not lie but i really miss the way we used to talk,
Friends that justified the meaning of the word friend; thats what i thought.
That's what i thought of you because you meant the world to me,
Poetry is my way of speaking but you are more than just a girl to me.
I wish I wasn't such an idiot in your eyes,
It hurts to be ignored especially for how long i had tried.
I am sorry for anything said in the months that have past,
It's been so long since; how the times just flies so fast.
I still care for you because you are my friend,
You may not see me as a friend but i will always till lifes end.
The pain of being cast aside is worth seeing your smile,
Even if i don't hear from you I will still message you once in a while.

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