Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Massacre of the Middle East

Massacre and bloodshed; lives lost on the far side of the world,
Mothers weeping, Children bleeding but nobody knows; nobody has heard.
How can the oppressed be the oppressors; how can these lies be believed?
How can the ones who are dying be the evil ones; when will there be any relief ?
The wails of the new borns as bullet shells fly through the air,
Children being decapitated losing futures but nobody seems to care.
Nobody is being shown the reality; the truth of the oppressed,
just watching and hearing the news makes me pull my hair out in stress.
Speak out yet our voice is silenced;
A false front under a regime of violence.
I cry writing these words; will anyone ever be enlightened?
Imagine an infant lost in the battlefield crying and frightened.
Under a rain of bullets and bombs do our brothers and sisters live under,
Above them jet fighters and F14s causing the storm and thunder.
Rivers of blood; the flesh of the people spread on the ground,
Headless bodies and wounded mothers unable to cry a sound.
It hurts just to hear about the suffering of our people,
For what crime; believing in One God is no evil.
People need to know the truth; this message needs to be shared,
And if you are reading this; you will not hesitate if you really care.
And it's not just Palestine; we have Syria and Pakistan;
To the four corners of Iraq to the ends of Afghanistan.
Millions of people have been killed yet nobody knows,
Though one dies in USA; to the entire universe it's shown.
Lets make a stand; let use the gift of our voices,
Believing in the right thing is more than just choices.

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