Friday, 10 May 2013

Saved by her light

I spent most of my life falling and crawling,
trying to chase dreams unreal; the voices that were calling:
I thought I could be something someday but it was just a wish,
A fantasy; a desire to be bigger and better than this.
I thought that I should keep fighting; and writing for what I believed in,
That it was worth the trying and crying; and dealing with the feelings.
My heart wanted me to keep on looking forward in life,
But my mind was fading and lost the will of it's sight.
I fell down from my journey for a better me,
Dreaming of each and every single thing I could possibly be.
I thought I had lost it; that i could not stand again,
But when I saw her; the light; I felt like a man renamed.
There she stood strong fighting life day by day,
She took it all but kept on going and paved her way.
Seeing the smile that she kept on her beautiful face,
Made me want to fight again; and endure the pain,
Never again look back at yesterday,
But look forward to tomorrow; it's a better way.
and her smile and support has put me in a better place.
Though you may be drowning in the shadow's dark,
It's those beautiful lights that can save you; those blessed hearts.
Would i have been were she not to be seen,
Still suffering to reality or still following my dreams?

Inspired by Patricia

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