Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Offering my heart

It was the day I finally smiled and gave my heart away,
To the beauty of the stars to save me another day.
Your eyes took me from my feet to fly from this place,
Just as your smile did; the one on your beautiful face.
It was a time where for you I could bring down the world,
and blow out the stars for you with the rhythm of my words.
I never felt this way before; not for just any girl,
But you weren't just any girl; you're rare like a pearl.
Your sweet melodious voice caused me to  write rhymes on paper,
And your eyes made me fight my mind to your favours.
Your smile made me feel like the only one who could be your saviour,
But when i offered you my heart thats when I realised it was just labour.
Rejection of my reflection  to the soul of my depression,
The defection of your deception was void of any detection.
Now your smile can't be trusted; and your eyes are just lies,
Days away from you and my heart has rusted;
I had to cry to the skies.
I fell in love with the fakeness of your smiles,
the sweetness of your pretense made an impact on my life.
Hurt by your deception and rejection; you're nothing in my sight,
Stay away from me; you could never understand how it feels inside.
I hope that you break; that somebody steps on your heart,
and manipulate you the same way;
and extinguish all of your stars.
Bring you back from the heavens; straight into a cold hell.
Perhaps one day this pain may lessen;
And you will crawl back into your old shell.
I still drop to my knees with many tears falling,
I still call with my pleas in the many years calling.
Days pass by with the same pain nurtured inside,
I've closed myself now; no longer to my heart do I now invite.

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