Thursday, 23 May 2013

Let us live again

Blessed are the words we begin our lives with,
Falling in the beauty of love do we keep our eyes synched.
Strong are our hearts that we use to fight with,
and hidden away are the once secrets in which we confided.
So when we begin to hear the lying; do we still continue to keep fighting,
Do we keep trying; do we still let our tears fall when we begin crying?
Do we let the clouds pass by or do we allow ourselves to start flying?
Whens the whispers are biting; and the secrets that we held are dying,
Is there a place that can still bring the light in; or must we keep hiding?
Living this life in doubts; without the ridden beauty of sound,
as if we were deaf in each ear; unable to hear what is around.
What if we were blind to what we could see;
What if we couldn't use our minds to what we were to be?
What would this life be; if not what we see in our dreams,
The uncoded realities that are never seen in our fantasies?
Do we ever regret the agonies that we had to see?
Do we ever look at ourselves with hatred so angrily?
Do we remorse on the past that happened and had to be?
We must now never look back and look ahead,
Let's live again; instead of wilting away like the dead.
Let us breathe the beauty of life from our souls,
And let us live again; until we grow old..
Until the air is cold; until our deeds are valued as gold..
Until the remaining whispers will forever roam..
Until the realities of our dreams finally show..

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