Sunday, 5 May 2013


Silent whispers of my past haunting me in my sleep,
Dreams and nightmares conjured images in my mind as i weep.
From the peace of a fantasy; to the heart wretching image of agony,
From living a life so peaceful and happily to the scene of losing family.
A twisted reality is what this life is really about,
An investigation to the truth whenever a doubt is around.
And now in the cold winds of the night; not a sight not a sound,
With all attempts to fall to the peace of sleep not abound.
Illusions of what could be surround the ambience of my mind,
with my eyes closed in my bed; unaware and blind.
It's as they say; out of mind and out of sight,
But then as the heart skips a beat I realise it's still night.
It's funny how the mind can play games on the insecure,
but strength shall return again; when life is reassured.
When you are afraid of falling in your sleep,
wake up from the nightmare and turn it into a beautiful dream..

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