Saturday, 4 May 2013

Finding Peace

The whirlwind of life carries us to a new destination,
through hurdles and obstacles we overcome and choices of hesitation.
Though the stars in the skies may lead us to truth,
we always sit back and ponder on our own views.
Instant wars on our distant thoughts,
as we fade in the mental conflicts.
Inference bought on Interests sought,
crime blazes consistency like rental convicts.

Stuck in a damned world with so many choices to make,
where the oppressors rule and the voices will break.
We tend to live in our dreams so the pain isn't real,
but the scars through emotional havoc is something we will always feel.

Can it be a choice to leave the life we live,
Can it be a preference to ease the strife we give?
Take away the evil from this wretched world,
and let us make a change beginning from words.

A resolution found from revolutions sound,
A restitution bound from retribution's hound.
Can peace be something that can actually be found?
Or is it earned by looking like diamonds in the ground...

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