Friday, 3 May 2013

Can we change the world?

My words linger in the silence of the shadow's weep,
And the falling leaves of autumn when the sparrows sweep.
Drowning in the misery of today's world and ignorance,
The lies widespread; a deviation of the real interests.
When we live in a world where people are killed in masses,
And nobody would shed a tear for the foreign ashes.
Burning in the lies of the oppressors are the innocent,
Any attempt to live in their home and destruction is imminent.
Crying and fighting the lying; sweating blood because they are trying,
To live as normal people in a world we all share so why are we fighting?
One person may die in the USA and the world will know,
But when millions of children die elsewhere it will never be shown.
This world is evil; just as evil as the ones who let this happen,
living in the days of another ignorance as our hearts blacken.
I could shed millions of tears whilst writing my hearts insight,
Only a loving person could understand the pain that is felt inside.
If you share my sorrow then please catch my tears,
And comfort me that it will be okay and I should face my fears.
The world can be the greatest pressure with the staring and the leers,
But a person can retain his strength when he is around those who are dear.
If you love what I love, if you feel what i feel;
Then let your heart open to my words.
If you think enough is enough, if real should be real,
Then lets fight to change the world.

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