Monday, 27 May 2013

A Poetic Twilight

A twilight of clear blueness blends in colour with the skies,
A gentle breeze that touches our skins as it passes and flies.
Clouds that float slowly like unreal dreams,
A magical scene encomapasses life even out of sleep.
The rhythms of life and the melodies of memories soothe us,
and the songs of heaven reach us and move us.
This is the light to shed away the darkness; when we lost it,
The light that guides us again; even when we once forgot it.
Strengthening our weakening wills to keep track of our ways,
To stand up again and follow the light to the end of days
To tell us to never give up on our dreams for they shall be real,
Only if we make them; only if we follow what we feel.
Our minds shadow us in doubt but our hearts will lead us to truth,
Our eyes will pass us to sound but our hearts will lead us to a clear view.
Follow your heart when making the inevitable choices,
Though your mind may sound; you can only choose one of the conflicting voices.
Let it be your heart for your heart is why you live,
Let your heart strengthen your reason to give.
The things you believe in you keep on believing,
And find the reasons; to keep achieving for what you are feeling.
Find the one star that you want to keep on reaching,
And give your renewed life a whole mew meaning.
Let our hearts take control of our lives,
let our hearts make the most of our smiles.
Let the stars host our light for the rest of time,
Let the dark of the night be a simplicity for those who were blind...

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