Tuesday, 28 May 2013

We were once so close

Months pass since the days we used to converse daily,
Sometimes it even felt so intense like you would hate me.
I thought we would stay bestfriends until time would phase me,
But everytime I message; no reply and I've felt worthless lately.
I wanted to tell you how i really and truly felt about it,
But i can't approach you so here is a poem in the hopes that it sounds it.
A letter in a bottle thrown at sea hoping you had found it,
Sinking in the depths of the remorse I will drown in.
I will not lie but i really miss the way we used to talk,
Friends that justified the meaning of the word friend; thats what i thought.
That's what i thought of you because you meant the world to me,
Poetry is my way of speaking but you are more than just a girl to me.
I wish I wasn't such an idiot in your eyes,
It hurts to be ignored especially for how long i had tried.
I am sorry for anything said in the months that have past,
It's been so long since; how the times just flies so fast.
I still care for you because you are my friend,
You may not see me as a friend but i will always till lifes end.
The pain of being cast aside is worth seeing your smile,
Even if i don't hear from you I will still message you once in a while.

Monday, 27 May 2013

A Poetic Twilight

A twilight of clear blueness blends in colour with the skies,
A gentle breeze that touches our skins as it passes and flies.
Clouds that float slowly like unreal dreams,
A magical scene encomapasses life even out of sleep.
The rhythms of life and the melodies of memories soothe us,
and the songs of heaven reach us and move us.
This is the light to shed away the darkness; when we lost it,
The light that guides us again; even when we once forgot it.
Strengthening our weakening wills to keep track of our ways,
To stand up again and follow the light to the end of days
To tell us to never give up on our dreams for they shall be real,
Only if we make them; only if we follow what we feel.
Our minds shadow us in doubt but our hearts will lead us to truth,
Our eyes will pass us to sound but our hearts will lead us to a clear view.
Follow your heart when making the inevitable choices,
Though your mind may sound; you can only choose one of the conflicting voices.
Let it be your heart for your heart is why you live,
Let your heart strengthen your reason to give.
The things you believe in you keep on believing,
And find the reasons; to keep achieving for what you are feeling.
Find the one star that you want to keep on reaching,
And give your renewed life a whole mew meaning.
Let our hearts take control of our lives,
let our hearts make the most of our smiles.
Let the stars host our light for the rest of time,
Let the dark of the night be a simplicity for those who were blind...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Let us live again

Blessed are the words we begin our lives with,
Falling in the beauty of love do we keep our eyes synched.
Strong are our hearts that we use to fight with,
and hidden away are the once secrets in which we confided.
So when we begin to hear the lying; do we still continue to keep fighting,
Do we keep trying; do we still let our tears fall when we begin crying?
Do we let the clouds pass by or do we allow ourselves to start flying?
Whens the whispers are biting; and the secrets that we held are dying,
Is there a place that can still bring the light in; or must we keep hiding?
Living this life in doubts; without the ridden beauty of sound,
as if we were deaf in each ear; unable to hear what is around.
What if we were blind to what we could see;
What if we couldn't use our minds to what we were to be?
What would this life be; if not what we see in our dreams,
The uncoded realities that are never seen in our fantasies?
Do we ever regret the agonies that we had to see?
Do we ever look at ourselves with hatred so angrily?
Do we remorse on the past that happened and had to be?
We must now never look back and look ahead,
Let's live again; instead of wilting away like the dead.
Let us breathe the beauty of life from our souls,
And let us live again; until we grow old..
Until the air is cold; until our deeds are valued as gold..
Until the remaining whispers will forever roam..
Until the realities of our dreams finally show..

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Offering my heart

It was the day I finally smiled and gave my heart away,
To the beauty of the stars to save me another day.
Your eyes took me from my feet to fly from this place,
Just as your smile did; the one on your beautiful face.
It was a time where for you I could bring down the world,
and blow out the stars for you with the rhythm of my words.
I never felt this way before; not for just any girl,
But you weren't just any girl; you're rare like a pearl.
Your sweet melodious voice caused me to  write rhymes on paper,
And your eyes made me fight my mind to your favours.
Your smile made me feel like the only one who could be your saviour,
But when i offered you my heart thats when I realised it was just labour.
Rejection of my reflection  to the soul of my depression,
The defection of your deception was void of any detection.
Now your smile can't be trusted; and your eyes are just lies,
Days away from you and my heart has rusted;
I had to cry to the skies.
I fell in love with the fakeness of your smiles,
the sweetness of your pretense made an impact on my life.
Hurt by your deception and rejection; you're nothing in my sight,
Stay away from me; you could never understand how it feels inside.
I hope that you break; that somebody steps on your heart,
and manipulate you the same way;
and extinguish all of your stars.
Bring you back from the heavens; straight into a cold hell.
Perhaps one day this pain may lessen;
And you will crawl back into your old shell.
I still drop to my knees with many tears falling,
I still call with my pleas in the many years calling.
Days pass by with the same pain nurtured inside,
I've closed myself now; no longer to my heart do I now invite.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ode to a new meeting

Sweet, gentle and kind; shy to the eyes of the sight,
Blessed with purity in soul and heart; like a star that shines throughout the night.
Like the beauty of a stagnant puddle,
your innocence can help in life to solve the puzzles.
With eyes like the pearls of a secret treasure,
and being introduced to you was like eternal peace that cannot be measured.
A voice as soft and smooth like the harp of heaven,
whilst accompanying a friend to finish his lesson.
A smile that can stop any pain and internal bleeding,
A blessing in disguise that can any life a new meaning...

Monday, 13 May 2013

A Suicidal Voice..

Spending my silent days with tears of a hundred meanings,
Fencing away my violent ways in years of a hundred feelings.
Drowning in the pool of emotions that have been nurtured in my heart,
From sadness and misery to distant and breaking apart.
Losing my mind to my conscious; it's lonely voice,
Looking up at the sky; it seems like giving up is my only choice.
Breathing the gasps of sorrow counting the time I want to have left,
Wanting to stop trying to live ; no care in the world for health or wealth.
Nobody could understand my tears; nobody can hear my cries,
Nobody can feel my pain or my fears;
Nobody can see the real me through my eyes.
Even if you caught a tear of mine you couldn't stop the rain,
A thought in the distance going on forever like the sound of the trains.
And the fires blaze; it feels like the stars will fade,
drowning the shadow's shade; suffering every minute of it until it's too late.
Don't embrace me; because nobody can save me,
It's just been too much for me lately; it seem's like everyone hates me.
The whole world is against me; nobody to help me carry this burden,
I didn't do anything wrong; i was being me never intended to hurt them.
Nobody will hear my words; so I keep this diary in my heart,
In poetical and rhythmic words to touch the skies and stars.
I hope the person who may find pieces of this letter understands why,
I suffered in the rejection of my self worth and solitude; so i cried.
Nothing to face now only just to listen to my mind; this pestering voice,
And i hope you understand why dying was my final choice.
It hurts speaking about the reasons why my heart can never be fixed,
Stuck in a world of ignorance; where everyone dreams a bliss.
Realities are the banes of our fantasies; 
Living in agony far from happily.
If you walked in my shoes; maybe you could understand what I had to see,
So when you've read this letter; rip it into pieces if you're sad for me.
 Narrate my story to your family; understanding my pain is to gain sanity,
Remember the other young children like me;
Wanting to live far away maybe in another galaxy...
Another world because nobody cares; not even  mothers' words or tears are easy to bare....
Written in the pain and blood of my suffering;
From a lonely boy who lived his life wondering...

Friday, 10 May 2013

Saved by her light

I spent most of my life falling and crawling,
trying to chase dreams unreal; the voices that were calling:
I thought I could be something someday but it was just a wish,
A fantasy; a desire to be bigger and better than this.
I thought that I should keep fighting; and writing for what I believed in,
That it was worth the trying and crying; and dealing with the feelings.
My heart wanted me to keep on looking forward in life,
But my mind was fading and lost the will of it's sight.
I fell down from my journey for a better me,
Dreaming of each and every single thing I could possibly be.
I thought I had lost it; that i could not stand again,
But when I saw her; the light; I felt like a man renamed.
There she stood strong fighting life day by day,
She took it all but kept on going and paved her way.
Seeing the smile that she kept on her beautiful face,
Made me want to fight again; and endure the pain,
Never again look back at yesterday,
But look forward to tomorrow; it's a better way.
and her smile and support has put me in a better place.
Though you may be drowning in the shadow's dark,
It's those beautiful lights that can save you; those blessed hearts.
Would i have been were she not to be seen,
Still suffering to reality or still following my dreams?

Inspired by Patricia

Thursday, 9 May 2013

The Massacre of the Middle East

Massacre and bloodshed; lives lost on the far side of the world,
Mothers weeping, Children bleeding but nobody knows; nobody has heard.
How can the oppressed be the oppressors; how can these lies be believed?
How can the ones who are dying be the evil ones; when will there be any relief ?
The wails of the new borns as bullet shells fly through the air,
Children being decapitated losing futures but nobody seems to care.
Nobody is being shown the reality; the truth of the oppressed,
just watching and hearing the news makes me pull my hair out in stress.
Speak out yet our voice is silenced;
A false front under a regime of violence.
I cry writing these words; will anyone ever be enlightened?
Imagine an infant lost in the battlefield crying and frightened.
Under a rain of bullets and bombs do our brothers and sisters live under,
Above them jet fighters and F14s causing the storm and thunder.
Rivers of blood; the flesh of the people spread on the ground,
Headless bodies and wounded mothers unable to cry a sound.
It hurts just to hear about the suffering of our people,
For what crime; believing in One God is no evil.
People need to know the truth; this message needs to be shared,
And if you are reading this; you will not hesitate if you really care.
And it's not just Palestine; we have Syria and Pakistan;
To the four corners of Iraq to the ends of Afghanistan.
Millions of people have been killed yet nobody knows,
Though one dies in USA; to the entire universe it's shown.
Lets make a stand; let use the gift of our voices,
Believing in the right thing is more than just choices.

Sunday, 5 May 2013


Silent whispers of my past haunting me in my sleep,
Dreams and nightmares conjured images in my mind as i weep.
From the peace of a fantasy; to the heart wretching image of agony,
From living a life so peaceful and happily to the scene of losing family.
A twisted reality is what this life is really about,
An investigation to the truth whenever a doubt is around.
And now in the cold winds of the night; not a sight not a sound,
With all attempts to fall to the peace of sleep not abound.
Illusions of what could be surround the ambience of my mind,
with my eyes closed in my bed; unaware and blind.
It's as they say; out of mind and out of sight,
But then as the heart skips a beat I realise it's still night.
It's funny how the mind can play games on the insecure,
but strength shall return again; when life is reassured.
When you are afraid of falling in your sleep,
wake up from the nightmare and turn it into a beautiful dream..

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Finding Peace

The whirlwind of life carries us to a new destination,
through hurdles and obstacles we overcome and choices of hesitation.
Though the stars in the skies may lead us to truth,
we always sit back and ponder on our own views.
Instant wars on our distant thoughts,
as we fade in the mental conflicts.
Inference bought on Interests sought,
crime blazes consistency like rental convicts.

Stuck in a damned world with so many choices to make,
where the oppressors rule and the voices will break.
We tend to live in our dreams so the pain isn't real,
but the scars through emotional havoc is something we will always feel.

Can it be a choice to leave the life we live,
Can it be a preference to ease the strife we give?
Take away the evil from this wretched world,
and let us make a change beginning from words.

A resolution found from revolutions sound,
A restitution bound from retribution's hound.
Can peace be something that can actually be found?
Or is it earned by looking like diamonds in the ground...

Friday, 3 May 2013

Can we change the world?

My words linger in the silence of the shadow's weep,
And the falling leaves of autumn when the sparrows sweep.
Drowning in the misery of today's world and ignorance,
The lies widespread; a deviation of the real interests.
When we live in a world where people are killed in masses,
And nobody would shed a tear for the foreign ashes.
Burning in the lies of the oppressors are the innocent,
Any attempt to live in their home and destruction is imminent.
Crying and fighting the lying; sweating blood because they are trying,
To live as normal people in a world we all share so why are we fighting?
One person may die in the USA and the world will know,
But when millions of children die elsewhere it will never be shown.
This world is evil; just as evil as the ones who let this happen,
living in the days of another ignorance as our hearts blacken.
I could shed millions of tears whilst writing my hearts insight,
Only a loving person could understand the pain that is felt inside.
If you share my sorrow then please catch my tears,
And comfort me that it will be okay and I should face my fears.
The world can be the greatest pressure with the staring and the leers,
But a person can retain his strength when he is around those who are dear.
If you love what I love, if you feel what i feel;
Then let your heart open to my words.
If you think enough is enough, if real should be real,
Then lets fight to change the world.