Sunday, 21 April 2013

Restless Sins

Breathless winds that whisper the secrets of life in my ear,
Restless sins that linger behind every fall of a tear.
An aching heart screaming the pain it's feeling,
looking for another reason; to carry on breathing.
Though my mind is grieving; and my heart is weeping,
I must wake up from the nightmares i've been dreaming.
These would be the words said; if my heart was speaking,
And if it could be heard whilst the winds were screeching.
Doubts shadow our minds to the things we were believing,
the false reality that we hoped in is now leaving.
What happened to the gasp of air that we needed,
Would we know what the truth is when we see it?
Do we lay down with our arms to the stars trying to reach it,
Do we dwell in our emotions; do we tend to feel it?

1 comment:

  1. O the aches of our beaten bodies пoω torture our minds.
    All we could think about is the pain that follows behind.
    Restless sins begin to creep into our fortresses.
    Our hidden place where we conjured up our bliss;
    But no longer can we smile and dance with a peace of mind.
    For all our restless sins begin to stifle us from behind.

    Your writing inspires me to write. It is so amazing. I'm reading it, and I feel as though I'm reading sometimes from a recognised and well noted Poet. You are a really amazing writer! You really inspired me with your work. Keep writing, and maybe you can inspired others. The world needs more writers like yourself.