Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lost for words

Lost for words, what is this impedimence in my speech?
Lost in the world, what is this
I see in my dreams?

Clear blue skies that are cloudless,
An empty black night sky.
An ambience unheard; quiet, soundless,
And no reflections of stars in our eyes.

Memories forgotten, History fading,
The mind is weak and the heart is dying.
Semblences often; mysteries blazing,
Blind that can see; the stars are flying.

Love flowing through the veins of the ignorant,
Infatuation overwhelming hearts of the insecure.
Hatred amongst friends and foes nothing different,
Forever changing is the peace today like our signatures.

Shouting and screaming are emotions that could not be said,
Meanings to sentances unheard and unspoken.
Things that will enliven us because clearly we are dead,
Open up and hear the truth and never remain broken.

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