Saturday, 20 April 2013

illusion of the world

Ignorance is bliss in the minds of the closed,
Inference with fists; blind are the ones with no hope.
Rigorous is the journey of life to find the essence of peace,
Timerous of nature the tourney of life to find ease.
Can we really be saved from the illusion of world's hell?
Can we really find the truth from the meaning our words tell?
Disarray of the greedy when the treasures and pearls fell,
Or dreams in the magical skies; the ambience where the birds dwell.
Let the sun shine in your life by opening your hearts,
Let the magic of the night skies reveal by hoping on the stars.
Let your will and drive be your luminous light when everything turns dark,
Let your smile be the thing to take you so very far.
What is this world now but a society of mayhem,
Ignorant and arrogant people; without idea of what made them.
When they point fingers and accuse those of the innocent,
Signs of the last day draw near our destruction is imminent.
Lies shown to the people from the ones that they trust,
Deception is common and lies now turn into lust.
A time will come when the decievers will die and rust,
And the truth may finally be heard to those who've had enough of the dust.
A time will come where we will unite and be at peace,
And evil shall be conquered and finally be ceased.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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