Thursday, 18 April 2013

Beauty Of Companionship

Laughter, smiles, pain and tears that are shared,
throughout years of unity with hearts that care.
Love and compassion through every doubt of life,
sharing in the wisdom through every sound of light.
Fighting the struggles together as the best of friends,
Crying away the troubles together as they rest to ends.
A love and bond unbreakable; till the very ends of life,
Through the ultimate darkness it becomes a minaret of light.
Best friends; the most beautiful relationship after lovers,
It shows how one person can care for another.
Let it be said that when hearts are broken,
A friend will be sure to fix what was once open.
Beauty isn't just a physical form; it's also a symbol,
And a beautiful friendship is what makes beauty so simple.

Inspired by the lovely @AmiinaJones

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