Thursday, 25 April 2013

Time is Divine

Divine is the time that rotates our days and nights,
Heavenly are the skies that brighten us with rays of light.
Tranquil are the trees that sway and stand in glorious might,
Peaceful is the nature we see and the birds that take flight.

The leaves that grow greener in the warm summer days,
The bees that whiz past the tulips in the summer haze.
The sun that shines so bright with warmth that never fades,
The blissful harmony that imbues us; when the children play.

Rhyming the words of a paradise that we want in this world,
Writing and expressing emotion's pearls that flies like the birds.
Twilight of unimaginable sights; unfathomable meanings,
Provoking our thoughts to think of every reason to our breathing.

During the star filled nights when the bats are out and about,
And the owls  hoot wide awake when there is no sound.
The odd street light that flickers in the cold silence;
and  the wandering dog; belonging to no one that know's no bounds.

Pen to paper; writing from the dictation of the heart,
describing the images that are seen from the eyes,
Becoming the light that will eradicate all that is dark,
elaborating on what is truth with thoughts of the mind.

Truth is a reality; a faded fantasy with regrets we have to see,
Chasing illusions unreachable with an empty hand; wandering in agony,
look at our frame of minds; our encoded mentalities,
thinking everything will be just fine when we have our friends and families;
knowing little that nothing is truly real until it has to be.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Restless Sins

Breathless winds that whisper the secrets of life in my ear,
Restless sins that linger behind every fall of a tear.
An aching heart screaming the pain it's feeling,
looking for another reason; to carry on breathing.
Though my mind is grieving; and my heart is weeping,
I must wake up from the nightmares i've been dreaming.
These would be the words said; if my heart was speaking,
And if it could be heard whilst the winds were screeching.
Doubts shadow our minds to the things we were believing,
the false reality that we hoped in is now leaving.
What happened to the gasp of air that we needed,
Would we know what the truth is when we see it?
Do we lay down with our arms to the stars trying to reach it,
Do we dwell in our emotions; do we tend to feel it?

Saturday, 20 April 2013

illusion of the world

Ignorance is bliss in the minds of the closed,
Inference with fists; blind are the ones with no hope.
Rigorous is the journey of life to find the essence of peace,
Timerous of nature the tourney of life to find ease.
Can we really be saved from the illusion of world's hell?
Can we really find the truth from the meaning our words tell?
Disarray of the greedy when the treasures and pearls fell,
Or dreams in the magical skies; the ambience where the birds dwell.
Let the sun shine in your life by opening your hearts,
Let the magic of the night skies reveal by hoping on the stars.
Let your will and drive be your luminous light when everything turns dark,
Let your smile be the thing to take you so very far.
What is this world now but a society of mayhem,
Ignorant and arrogant people; without idea of what made them.
When they point fingers and accuse those of the innocent,
Signs of the last day draw near our destruction is imminent.
Lies shown to the people from the ones that they trust,
Deception is common and lies now turn into lust.
A time will come when the decievers will die and rust,
And the truth may finally be heard to those who've had enough of the dust.
A time will come where we will unite and be at peace,
And evil shall be conquered and finally be ceased.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Beauty Of Companionship

Laughter, smiles, pain and tears that are shared,
throughout years of unity with hearts that care.
Love and compassion through every doubt of life,
sharing in the wisdom through every sound of light.
Fighting the struggles together as the best of friends,
Crying away the troubles together as they rest to ends.
A love and bond unbreakable; till the very ends of life,
Through the ultimate darkness it becomes a minaret of light.
Best friends; the most beautiful relationship after lovers,
It shows how one person can care for another.
Let it be said that when hearts are broken,
A friend will be sure to fix what was once open.
Beauty isn't just a physical form; it's also a symbol,
And a beautiful friendship is what makes beauty so simple.

Inspired by the lovely @AmiinaJones

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Lost for words

Lost for words, what is this impedimence in my speech?
Lost in the world, what is this
I see in my dreams?

Clear blue skies that are cloudless,
An empty black night sky.
An ambience unheard; quiet, soundless,
And no reflections of stars in our eyes.

Memories forgotten, History fading,
The mind is weak and the heart is dying.
Semblences often; mysteries blazing,
Blind that can see; the stars are flying.

Love flowing through the veins of the ignorant,
Infatuation overwhelming hearts of the insecure.
Hatred amongst friends and foes nothing different,
Forever changing is the peace today like our signatures.

Shouting and screaming are emotions that could not be said,
Meanings to sentances unheard and unspoken.
Things that will enliven us because clearly we are dead,
Open up and hear the truth and never remain broken.