Sunday, 10 March 2013

No One Can

Counting every beat of my heart through the dark silence,
The night sky embedded in glows the stars lightened.
Happiness is something to reach for but first we must find it,
Through the fears and tears; the peace and violence.
Years that fly past like birds in the sky with grace,
Hoping for a better future regretting all our mistakes.
Stopping in our hearts' memorials; thoughts forsaking this place,
Travelling as a companion to Life unaware of it's fate.
Our tears mean nothing now; just streams down our eyes,
Our years have seen nothing now; just dreams that have turned to lies.
Our screaming hearts can no longer be heard in it's prison,
Escaping is futile; trapping in our emotions prism.
Hear my pleas as I raise my heart to cry,
Fear my dreams as I fade my stars to die.
Catch a falling tear to vision a new meaning,
Hold it in your hands to understand each one of my feelings.
Place your hand on my heart to see the reason I am breathing,
Because of my love for you I am left on my knees pleading; secrets I have been revealing.
Affections of past revived into a new sight I have been dreaming.
Do not forsake me and my love for no one else can love you like I do,
Nor can anyone speak to you with the truth like i do.

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