Sunday, 17 March 2013

Her baby...

Scared, confused, lost and dumbfounded;
Run away with a baby with no way around it.
Wondering what would happen to her; what would the people say,
Feeling a mixture of emotions with each passing day.
The wailing of the baby that's cradled in her lonely arms,
Promising that she will never let it come to any harm.
Locked up away in the corner as if the world was against her,
For becoming a mother; everyone had complained first.
When it became settled;. It was quiet for a while,
But then they tried to take the baby so she ran away for miles.
Tears flooding her eyes as she kept on running away from her fears,
Recieving phone calls from different people telling her "we just want you here"
An overwhelming fear that has overcome her fragile heart,
Looking back at what she has left and the miles apart.
She is alone; on her own to take care of her baby,
Feeling frightened but she wants people to know that she is a lady.
Not a little girl who is helpless and weak,
Sitting in an alleyway breathless she lays to sleep.
Doubts in mind wondering on what she would wake to,
And her grandfather; and what he would say too.
Her baby is her life; everything she had seen in her dreams,
The magic of a romantic scene; the blissful harmony from her sleep.
Crying for the fear that someone would indeed take her;
And if that day had come, then surely it would break her.
Thinking of her family and how her grandfather had raised her,
Running away with her baby nobody can really blame her.

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