Wednesday, 27 March 2013

As I tried to find love..

Finding the words to finally tell you how I really feel,
Building and nurturing these emotions that have become so real.
Wondering if I should call you or text you or arrange a meeting,
Thinking of the possibilities after expressing my feelings.
Droplets of nerve across my forehead; my heart is beating,
What would she say to the things i'll be revealing.
Muster up the courage to approach her; knock on her door,
Flowers in my left hand and chocolates in the right.
When she opens the door I'm shocked at what I see,
Another guy holding her from behind;
Instant regret so I leave.
Running back to my home tears building in the corners of my eyes,
Regretting ever approaching her with my heart; remorse in my mind.
Shadows overwhelm my once open heart and consume it in darkness,
Breaking what was left of my love;
Let me be left alone heartless.
I was going to give her my life, my everything and me,
I wanted her to accept so I could turn into everything I could be.
I wanted to live with a smile on my face feeling the warmth of love,
I never doubted what I wanted until it became rough.
I thought she was heavenly; an angel from above,
But rejected my heart she did; maybe I was too late it's enough.
She was the star I tried to find; the light when I was blind,
Her smile lit up the world; a miracle revived.
I tried to pick up the signs; I thought she may have felt the same,
So i offered my heart with hope in my eyes; not expecting rejection's pain.
I will never trust love again; nor will I offer out my heart,
It's not given to be returned broken or ripped apart.
I shall pick up the pieces again; fix it back together again,
Looking for love is something I shall never again.

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