Saturday, 30 March 2013

Your deception

Shadows follow behind us during our days of living,
they stick with us and leave at night.
Yet they do not smile nor leave and expect to be forgiven,
Nor pretend to show you the difference between wrong and right.
Acting had it's reaches but now you can never trust a smile,
In a dying attempt to decipher each possible meaning.
You stabbed me in my back and then ran a mile,
two faces have shown without thinking of my feelings
Stay away; for I shall never trust a whisper or a smile again,
My doors are closed now; don't return.
When you pass by you take the light away,
The blazing fire you ignited will only ever burn.

Inspired by the beautiful
Miss @PariEndorsed

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

As I tried to find love..

Finding the words to finally tell you how I really feel,
Building and nurturing these emotions that have become so real.
Wondering if I should call you or text you or arrange a meeting,
Thinking of the possibilities after expressing my feelings.
Droplets of nerve across my forehead; my heart is beating,
What would she say to the things i'll be revealing.
Muster up the courage to approach her; knock on her door,
Flowers in my left hand and chocolates in the right.
When she opens the door I'm shocked at what I see,
Another guy holding her from behind;
Instant regret so I leave.
Running back to my home tears building in the corners of my eyes,
Regretting ever approaching her with my heart; remorse in my mind.
Shadows overwhelm my once open heart and consume it in darkness,
Breaking what was left of my love;
Let me be left alone heartless.
I was going to give her my life, my everything and me,
I wanted her to accept so I could turn into everything I could be.
I wanted to live with a smile on my face feeling the warmth of love,
I never doubted what I wanted until it became rough.
I thought she was heavenly; an angel from above,
But rejected my heart she did; maybe I was too late it's enough.
She was the star I tried to find; the light when I was blind,
Her smile lit up the world; a miracle revived.
I tried to pick up the signs; I thought she may have felt the same,
So i offered my heart with hope in my eyes; not expecting rejection's pain.
I will never trust love again; nor will I offer out my heart,
It's not given to be returned broken or ripped apart.
I shall pick up the pieces again; fix it back together again,
Looking for love is something I shall never again.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Journeying to find you

One day i will journey through life to find your smile,
Through every hardship and pain; and the distance in miles...
With the thought of love; i shall overcome tribulation and trial;
And revive the happiness i felt again after a long while.
I will travel with the stars in the lonely nights;
Fly with the blue skies so clear and bright.
With thoughts of your smile keeping me strong enough to fight,
Wanting to be besides you through every strife.
These miles may be many that keep me away from where you are;
But even that can't stop me from completing my heart.
The moon whispered to me the secrets of the stars;
And that you were an angel sent from so very far.
Your smile is my power; my energy; my medicine for life;
Your name is a symbol for peace and harmony in every sight.
Your eyes are the stones of heaven; your hair like silk so light.
Your heart and soul a combination of perfection in my eyes.
My words may not mean much to you; they are just words,
But for me they symbolise my ambitions to conquer this world.
This love i feel for you; the most perfect girl,
makes me feel as if i could fly with the winds and the birds.
You are my breeze in the summer days so warm and blessed,
You are my relief in days of grief and stress,
You are my belief for when i face the cruelty of life's test,
And you are the love; a love i never once felt.
You are in my thoughts in the cold days;
And become my dreams in my sleep.
Your sparkle like the shine of a gold plate;
A fantasy of a reality in a dream so serene.
A poem is meaningless and isn't the kind of gift anyone would expect;
But poetry is my speech and you are my passion for that descent.
I would no longer like to pretend; no longer push aside the fact that i love you.
But moreover emphasise the fact that you i respect.
You have become my smile; the reasons for my joy.
You are the melody i hear in my mind, the missing pieces of my voice.
You are the beauty i can see and hear in whispers;
the dreams i dream in day and night that tends to linger.
And now that its the time of the year when the warmth withers;
You are my warmth during the long cold nights of winter.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Her baby...

Scared, confused, lost and dumbfounded;
Run away with a baby with no way around it.
Wondering what would happen to her; what would the people say,
Feeling a mixture of emotions with each passing day.
The wailing of the baby that's cradled in her lonely arms,
Promising that she will never let it come to any harm.
Locked up away in the corner as if the world was against her,
For becoming a mother; everyone had complained first.
When it became settled;. It was quiet for a while,
But then they tried to take the baby so she ran away for miles.
Tears flooding her eyes as she kept on running away from her fears,
Recieving phone calls from different people telling her "we just want you here"
An overwhelming fear that has overcome her fragile heart,
Looking back at what she has left and the miles apart.
She is alone; on her own to take care of her baby,
Feeling frightened but she wants people to know that she is a lady.
Not a little girl who is helpless and weak,
Sitting in an alleyway breathless she lays to sleep.
Doubts in mind wondering on what she would wake to,
And her grandfather; and what he would say too.
Her baby is her life; everything she had seen in her dreams,
The magic of a romantic scene; the blissful harmony from her sleep.
Crying for the fear that someone would indeed take her;
And if that day had come, then surely it would break her.
Thinking of her family and how her grandfather had raised her,
Running away with her baby nobody can really blame her.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

No One Can

Counting every beat of my heart through the dark silence,
The night sky embedded in glows the stars lightened.
Happiness is something to reach for but first we must find it,
Through the fears and tears; the peace and violence.
Years that fly past like birds in the sky with grace,
Hoping for a better future regretting all our mistakes.
Stopping in our hearts' memorials; thoughts forsaking this place,
Travelling as a companion to Life unaware of it's fate.
Our tears mean nothing now; just streams down our eyes,
Our years have seen nothing now; just dreams that have turned to lies.
Our screaming hearts can no longer be heard in it's prison,
Escaping is futile; trapping in our emotions prism.
Hear my pleas as I raise my heart to cry,
Fear my dreams as I fade my stars to die.
Catch a falling tear to vision a new meaning,
Hold it in your hands to understand each one of my feelings.
Place your hand on my heart to see the reason I am breathing,
Because of my love for you I am left on my knees pleading; secrets I have been revealing.
Affections of past revived into a new sight I have been dreaming.
Do not forsake me and my love for no one else can love you like I do,
Nor can anyone speak to you with the truth like i do.