Friday, 1 February 2013

Reach the Stars

I realize an amazing truth when the stars glimmer,
I've found a new heat to keep me alive during the cold winters.
A light when it's dark beyond any sight or life,
Visions in my mind; A new light in my eyes.
I use my poetry to give my life a new meaning,
A change to find every reason to keep on feeling,
An emotional alchemy that will help me find the stars i am reaching.
A self restoration from madness when I am bleeding,
It's time to start achieving and start believing.
Never look back at the past; for when I was grieving,
It's time to move forward; Let my heart carry on beating.
I have a million reasons to keep living so carry on breathing.
I want to believe I can finally become something of myself,
when I write my words to paper, hoping my book will be on a high shelf.
Poetry is a hobby; a passion; and even an identity to the things I love,
I could carry on talking and it still will be poetry; I can't get enough.
In a society full of young people; It's not very common to love poetry,
Others prefer rapping hip hop; or another form of poetry spoken vocally.
My aim in life is now to attract the youth and maybe transform their loyalties,
In a world so passionate in feelings; where anyone could feel like royalty.
Let us explore a new world, Let us indulge in our features,
Respect the people that passed to us knowledge; our beloved teachers.
Never let the pressure of the world beat us; or force us to kneel and defeat us.
Instead of stretching a hand to the night sky; Let the stars come and reach us.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet