Friday, 22 February 2013

My Heart's Speech

Night skies filled with a blanket of glimmering stars,
Bright eyes still with a ray of hope and flickering hearts.
Writing away my anguish in words of rhythm and provoking thoughts,
Finding a way to drown in my worldly prison like the spoken wars.
A life that was once coloured is fading to images black and white,
Questioning the angel's whisper; it just does not feel right.
A horizon of orange and red when the sun sets; white when it rises,
Visions of a cold past; warm present and a future with surprises.
Mind in lingering thoughts; convicton at war with doubts,
Dwelling in the distance we once saw; Imagine a life without sound.
Epiffanies seen in restless sleep; Beauty divine in breathless dreams.
An ambiance of soothe wind like the empty seas,
A life quiet as slowly draws near my dark death bed.
As the cold reaches my spine my quill will finish it's ink,
Words will no longer be recorded from the things i think.
Waiting for the new morning with a new breath and the birds sing,
For a frest start to writing life's emotions through my wings.
Let our hearts beat; listen carefully to when the stars speak,
Beauty in every sight when this art seeks,
Poetry; an expression an art and my hearts speech.

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