Monday, 25 February 2013

It used to be....

Breaking heart in the cold nights screaming silent pains,
Fading stars in the old skies streaming lightened rays.
Tears flowing like streams running down a mountain,
Years going fast like dreams in a  fountain.
Bereft of love; Living this life has become futile and pointless,
Absent of affection; cold silence like the time when the coin fell.
Angels used to whisper benevolence in the golden days,
Now the devils play malevolence in the evil open ways.
Corruption manifest in our breaths corroding our souls,
No more innocence freeing us from this infinite hold.
The skies used to be clear; blue and cloudless,
Now not a single drop of colour remains; Our minds stay doubtful.
Answers used to be found right infront of our eyes,
Now when we are stuck in riddles; we stay lost no matter how hard we try.
We have become blind; oblivious to the light in our sights.
The truth has now become our lies; tears are a form of pain dripping from our cold eyes.
No warmth remains in this barren world; we stay forever cold,
Day by day ageing; a time will definitely come when we have become old.
Graying away in our hairs; Wrinkling in our decaying skin,
telling stories to our children; loosing the ability to think.
It was once a glorious world where the birds would tweet and sing,
Now it is nothing but a realm of darkness where the shadows will seek and win.

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