Friday, 1 February 2013

Distant Thoughts

 Thoughts that shroud my mind rendering me in regrets and remorse,
A heart filled with shadows within every corner; Feelings' I've never felt before.
Blind to thinking and thoughts again; Blind in every sight,
Blind in singing my fourth pain; Blind in many eyes. 
A world of nightmares and dreams; we're living two lives,
Stars in the black night sky; shining sun in the blue skies.
Reality in many evils; Fantasies of things that are too nice,
What do we really see with these delusional two eyes?
When we sit down and truly think; We indulge in distant thoughts,
Drowning in the conflicts of our mentalities like instant wars.
Screams of the bleeding women; Wails of the infants born, 
Taunted by our advocates in dark silence; our tears that fell to the floor. 
What is it that we really saw, a different future for the ones who are poor?
Imprisoned in our mind's cage, sealed entrances and many closed doors.
Distant are our thoughts; different are the realities that we want to pause.
A life so wretched; unpleasant and raw; where in our dreams we always want more.
The present time has become a cursed society, wishes for the time to go back to before.
Never again in a life that splits in to a vision so fading;
Journeying across a world that will never stop raining.
Feeling the disdainful segments of regrets and remorse,
Never have we been imbued in a hurt so painful.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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