Monday, 25 February 2013

It used to be....

Breaking heart in the cold nights screaming silent pains,
Fading stars in the old skies streaming lightened rays.
Tears flowing like streams running down a mountain,
Years going fast like dreams in a  fountain.
Bereft of love; Living this life has become futile and pointless,
Absent of affection; cold silence like the time when the coin fell.
Angels used to whisper benevolence in the golden days,
Now the devils play malevolence in the evil open ways.
Corruption manifest in our breaths corroding our souls,
No more innocence freeing us from this infinite hold.
The skies used to be clear; blue and cloudless,
Now not a single drop of colour remains; Our minds stay doubtful.
Answers used to be found right infront of our eyes,
Now when we are stuck in riddles; we stay lost no matter how hard we try.
We have become blind; oblivious to the light in our sights.
The truth has now become our lies; tears are a form of pain dripping from our cold eyes.
No warmth remains in this barren world; we stay forever cold,
Day by day ageing; a time will definitely come when we have become old.
Graying away in our hairs; Wrinkling in our decaying skin,
telling stories to our children; loosing the ability to think.
It was once a glorious world where the birds would tweet and sing,
Now it is nothing but a realm of darkness where the shadows will seek and win.

Friday, 22 February 2013

My Heart's Speech

Night skies filled with a blanket of glimmering stars,
Bright eyes still with a ray of hope and flickering hearts.
Writing away my anguish in words of rhythm and provoking thoughts,
Finding a way to drown in my worldly prison like the spoken wars.
A life that was once coloured is fading to images black and white,
Questioning the angel's whisper; it just does not feel right.
A horizon of orange and red when the sun sets; white when it rises,
Visions of a cold past; warm present and a future with surprises.
Mind in lingering thoughts; convicton at war with doubts,
Dwelling in the distance we once saw; Imagine a life without sound.
Epiffanies seen in restless sleep; Beauty divine in breathless dreams.
An ambiance of soothe wind like the empty seas,
A life quiet as slowly draws near my dark death bed.
As the cold reaches my spine my quill will finish it's ink,
Words will no longer be recorded from the things i think.
Waiting for the new morning with a new breath and the birds sing,
For a frest start to writing life's emotions through my wings.
Let our hearts beat; listen carefully to when the stars speak,
Beauty in every sight when this art seeks,
Poetry; an expression an art and my hearts speech.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Reach the Stars

I realize an amazing truth when the stars glimmer,
I've found a new heat to keep me alive during the cold winters.
A light when it's dark beyond any sight or life,
Visions in my mind; A new light in my eyes.
I use my poetry to give my life a new meaning,
A change to find every reason to keep on feeling,
An emotional alchemy that will help me find the stars i am reaching.
A self restoration from madness when I am bleeding,
It's time to start achieving and start believing.
Never look back at the past; for when I was grieving,
It's time to move forward; Let my heart carry on beating.
I have a million reasons to keep living so carry on breathing.
I want to believe I can finally become something of myself,
when I write my words to paper, hoping my book will be on a high shelf.
Poetry is a hobby; a passion; and even an identity to the things I love,
I could carry on talking and it still will be poetry; I can't get enough.
In a society full of young people; It's not very common to love poetry,
Others prefer rapping hip hop; or another form of poetry spoken vocally.
My aim in life is now to attract the youth and maybe transform their loyalties,
In a world so passionate in feelings; where anyone could feel like royalty.
Let us explore a new world, Let us indulge in our features,
Respect the people that passed to us knowledge; our beloved teachers.
Never let the pressure of the world beat us; or force us to kneel and defeat us.
Instead of stretching a hand to the night sky; Let the stars come and reach us.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Distant Thoughts

 Thoughts that shroud my mind rendering me in regrets and remorse,
A heart filled with shadows within every corner; Feelings' I've never felt before.
Blind to thinking and thoughts again; Blind in every sight,
Blind in singing my fourth pain; Blind in many eyes. 
A world of nightmares and dreams; we're living two lives,
Stars in the black night sky; shining sun in the blue skies.
Reality in many evils; Fantasies of things that are too nice,
What do we really see with these delusional two eyes?
When we sit down and truly think; We indulge in distant thoughts,
Drowning in the conflicts of our mentalities like instant wars.
Screams of the bleeding women; Wails of the infants born, 
Taunted by our advocates in dark silence; our tears that fell to the floor. 
What is it that we really saw, a different future for the ones who are poor?
Imprisoned in our mind's cage, sealed entrances and many closed doors.
Distant are our thoughts; different are the realities that we want to pause.
A life so wretched; unpleasant and raw; where in our dreams we always want more.
The present time has become a cursed society, wishes for the time to go back to before.
Never again in a life that splits in to a vision so fading;
Journeying across a world that will never stop raining.
Feeling the disdainful segments of regrets and remorse,
Never have we been imbued in a hurt so painful.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet