Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stand up again

Earphones in; walking down the silent pavement of the street,
Daydreaming the dreams that i had seen in my sleep.
Oblivious to the world and what it was to me,
Thinking of only how to change it and what it could be.
I express my feelings in sentances that mysteriously rhyme;
Some say it's a talent that is truly one of a kind,
But i say it's nothing more than speaking whats in my mind;
And the emotions in my heart and things i see with my eyes.
I want people to truly understand how i feel when they read,
My words when they are written down because then it can be seen.
What i see in the world may be different to what others see,
And if no one agrees with my views it is still a part of me.
My eyes my sight; my feelings are my life's meaning;
And provide me every reason to carry on breathing.
The stars are my friends in the lonely sleepless nights;
My glow to find in the dark when there is no other light.
I always wonder what is beyond the stars; what i could find,
The heaven in it's majesty past the clear blue skies.
But my answer to my questioning eyes is when i close them;
Reminding myself again to never let them open.
My answer is in my heart; screaming it loudly.
This life is but an illusion so stop smiling so proudly.
As i think about the family and friends that are around me,
I am glad i have them; they are the greatest amongst God's bounties.
We all have a time where we want to fall and cry;
Giving up on achieving after a million and one tries.
To a point where you think tears have run out in your eyes,
That it might bleed instead because of the world's lies.
We all have a point where we feel we need a gun to our head,
Like it's pointless to live anymore and it's better that we were dead.
But is it right to force ourselves right to our very last breath,
Or are we confused that we should wait until life gives us the best.
We've seen the thunder and the lightning frighten us,
But we forgot about the rainbow that will brighten us.
Life isn't just a downhill slope where we will always be falling;
Remember; there will be a time when the angels will be calling.
Let us stand up again; and smile to expect the end;
Forget about the nightmares let just pretend.
Let's look forward to a bigger and a brighter life;
Where it won't be dark anymore and so full of light.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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