Saturday, 5 January 2013


Scarred to the core of my life; my broken soul,
Shattered to a million pieces like glass to a scream so cold.
Silent whispers that taunt me and haunt me in the dark,
My shadow creeping slowly; lurking in my heart.
Tears that can never dry flow from my sorrowful eyes,
Truth flying away in the clouds forcing me to believe in tomorrow's lies.
Black nights veil the skies during the day till the sun is gone,
A reflection of realities when we read the lyrics to a song.
and when we realise we ask ourselves why does everything feel so wrong.
Like time isn't flying; it's lost its wings as the days have grown eternally long.
Lovers falling apart; understanding the true colours of cupid,
A fiendish devil in disguise as a baby; the very idea is stupid.
Someone dying in a family and another losing all hope;
Like they have finally lost hold of the
ends of the rope.
Shattered like a mirror; i can't see a reflection anymore,
Confused and in doubt like i was stuck in a room with many doors.
No one to confide in my feelings; no friend to care;
It's just me on my own; to breathe the cold air.
Even my shadow has left me because it could not bare my pain;
Let me flood in the cold showers; Let it be ice rain.
Regrets consume us whole as we melt in despair;
feeling misery with hearts broken and shattered beyond repair.
Wishes of peace and love in every aspect that we live our lives,
Wanting a change in everything even in our every sights.
We want to feel ease; see peace and hear seas,
a dream land and a harmonious sway of the trees.
if you can't face the evils of the world anymore and your strength has ceased;
Go to sleep and live a new life in your dreams.

 © 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a Maavi Poet