Thursday, 3 January 2013


When we close our tired eyes to sleep,
we see a whole new world in our dreams.
Peace so serene and so many other magical scenes,
and we feel an invincibility that nobody could defeat.
The feelings we could reveal; hiding in our own mental retreat.
A heavenly aura when we imagine angels that we can see,
dreaming a life where we are the fullest to what we want to be.
Glowing and smoothly growing grass and swaying trees;
Nature at work, animals playing in the meadow and the winds we feel.
This is what we see through our mental eyes; what we want to see,
what happens when we see the truth; the horrific reality.
A dangerous vision of all horrors; what we call nightmares,
Scenes of death and demons that leave even our eyes scared
A burning hell and redness; blazing fires in every turning,
these frights fill our minds and our paranoias are returning.
The heaviness of hearts when we see a family member die,
The water that is forced from our eyes,
the pain we feel when we want to cry;
Believing the nightmare forgetting that it is a lie.
This is the world we can see when we sleep,
We can either remain in dreams; or learn to fly high.
Our mental images become exactly what we desire;
but sometimes we can't control them like a blazing fire.
Like seeing death in our minds but also seeing them revived,
but it isn't reality, from these images we must retire.
When everything is broken into pieces; we can rebuild;
from nothing to everything; from laughing to screaming.
Everything changes in seconds; from misery to blessings;
This is the definition of dreams, a life in where we are not breathing

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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