Monday, 14 January 2013

Dreams And Reality

Have we ever wondered why the stars exist;
why the sun shines and moon glows in day and night.
A radiance and aura transcending an everlasting bliss,
Bathing in it's sustenance with hundreds of shades and lights.
What do we feel when evil comes into blight; and makes us fight,
An anger that rages from our soul strengthening our fists.

This is life; an illusion to many and a reality to many,
It will never be one thing because the future varies.
Like a stubborn belief in falsehood of a world of fairies,
but then we do not care when nightmares become real and scary.
Living a day without grief is a bounty found rarely,
we find more burdens even with the life we handle just barely.

In today's world there is no distinction between dream and fantasy;
We would do anything just to live without any agony.
To live happily; in peace and joy with friends and family,
Wishing we had never seen the things we had to see.
Chasing an illusion called love ever so frantically,
getting mixed up in dangerous things; an emotional alchemy.

What is life when we can't see through our eyes,
the very same dreams that we see in our minds.
Enduring hardships every day when we try and cry,
and becoming solely dependant on a short lived factor called time. 
Spending hours figuring out the truth from the lies,
can we really answer what it is we are trying to find?

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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