Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Stand up again

Earphones in; walking down the silent pavement of the street,
Daydreaming the dreams that i had seen in my sleep.
Oblivious to the world and what it was to me,
Thinking of only how to change it and what it could be.
I express my feelings in sentances that mysteriously rhyme;
Some say it's a talent that is truly one of a kind,
But i say it's nothing more than speaking whats in my mind;
And the emotions in my heart and things i see with my eyes.
I want people to truly understand how i feel when they read,
My words when they are written down because then it can be seen.
What i see in the world may be different to what others see,
And if no one agrees with my views it is still a part of me.
My eyes my sight; my feelings are my life's meaning;
And provide me every reason to carry on breathing.
The stars are my friends in the lonely sleepless nights;
My glow to find in the dark when there is no other light.
I always wonder what is beyond the stars; what i could find,
The heaven in it's majesty past the clear blue skies.
But my answer to my questioning eyes is when i close them;
Reminding myself again to never let them open.
My answer is in my heart; screaming it loudly.
This life is but an illusion so stop smiling so proudly.
As i think about the family and friends that are around me,
I am glad i have them; they are the greatest amongst God's bounties.
We all have a time where we want to fall and cry;
Giving up on achieving after a million and one tries.
To a point where you think tears have run out in your eyes,
That it might bleed instead because of the world's lies.
We all have a point where we feel we need a gun to our head,
Like it's pointless to live anymore and it's better that we were dead.
But is it right to force ourselves right to our very last breath,
Or are we confused that we should wait until life gives us the best.
We've seen the thunder and the lightning frighten us,
But we forgot about the rainbow that will brighten us.
Life isn't just a downhill slope where we will always be falling;
Remember; there will be a time when the angels will be calling.
Let us stand up again; and smile to expect the end;
Forget about the nightmares let just pretend.
Let's look forward to a bigger and a brighter life;
Where it won't be dark anymore and so full of light.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Monday, 14 January 2013

Dreams And Reality

Have we ever wondered why the stars exist;
why the sun shines and moon glows in day and night.
A radiance and aura transcending an everlasting bliss,
Bathing in it's sustenance with hundreds of shades and lights.
What do we feel when evil comes into blight; and makes us fight,
An anger that rages from our soul strengthening our fists.

This is life; an illusion to many and a reality to many,
It will never be one thing because the future varies.
Like a stubborn belief in falsehood of a world of fairies,
but then we do not care when nightmares become real and scary.
Living a day without grief is a bounty found rarely,
we find more burdens even with the life we handle just barely.

In today's world there is no distinction between dream and fantasy;
We would do anything just to live without any agony.
To live happily; in peace and joy with friends and family,
Wishing we had never seen the things we had to see.
Chasing an illusion called love ever so frantically,
getting mixed up in dangerous things; an emotional alchemy.

What is life when we can't see through our eyes,
the very same dreams that we see in our minds.
Enduring hardships every day when we try and cry,
and becoming solely dependant on a short lived factor called time. 
Spending hours figuring out the truth from the lies,
can we really answer what it is we are trying to find?

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Saturday, 5 January 2013


Scarred to the core of my life; my broken soul,
Shattered to a million pieces like glass to a scream so cold.
Silent whispers that taunt me and haunt me in the dark,
My shadow creeping slowly; lurking in my heart.
Tears that can never dry flow from my sorrowful eyes,
Truth flying away in the clouds forcing me to believe in tomorrow's lies.
Black nights veil the skies during the day till the sun is gone,
A reflection of realities when we read the lyrics to a song.
and when we realise we ask ourselves why does everything feel so wrong.
Like time isn't flying; it's lost its wings as the days have grown eternally long.
Lovers falling apart; understanding the true colours of cupid,
A fiendish devil in disguise as a baby; the very idea is stupid.
Someone dying in a family and another losing all hope;
Like they have finally lost hold of the
ends of the rope.
Shattered like a mirror; i can't see a reflection anymore,
Confused and in doubt like i was stuck in a room with many doors.
No one to confide in my feelings; no friend to care;
It's just me on my own; to breathe the cold air.
Even my shadow has left me because it could not bare my pain;
Let me flood in the cold showers; Let it be ice rain.
Regrets consume us whole as we melt in despair;
feeling misery with hearts broken and shattered beyond repair.
Wishes of peace and love in every aspect that we live our lives,
Wanting a change in everything even in our every sights.
We want to feel ease; see peace and hear seas,
a dream land and a harmonious sway of the trees.
if you can't face the evils of the world anymore and your strength has ceased;
Go to sleep and live a new life in your dreams.

 © 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a Maavi Poet

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Forbidden Love

Once upon a time; the start to any story,
but then reading that you will know its going to be boring.
So let me start with there was a naive boy in love;
keeping you interested for at-least the next fourty.
It was a normal meeting; the usual love cliche,
boy meets girl and falls in love with what she says.
but she loved another but he didn't care about what he says;
and she told him that it was nothing but a weak phase.
Time passed and she went through hell every week;
 Arguments and fights every time she and her boyfriend would speak.
The boy was there for her because he said that he would be,
hiding his feelings wishing she would know every time he could be.
Through every day that passed watching her love another;
Thinking to himself if it was possible to love any other;
he tried to move on he tried to find someone else;
but he failed and in pain cried to his mother.
Almost a year had passed and news had reached of their break;
Eager to convince her that he was right for her;
His feelings had overwhelmed him and he didn't know what to say.
All he could do was sit alone and think about her every day;
dreaming that she would love him like he loved her;
but then to the cold truths he would wake.
it seemed like she would never love him because of her past;
it was too hard to move on after being shattered like glass.
Hard to love again and moving on seemed too fast;
He was crying inside for her love knowing it would last.
She doesn't know how he really feels;
sometimes she doubts if his love is even real.
She doesn't believe him until the moment he reveals,
and proves to her that his ultimate love is real.
He sits at night on the phone to her talking normally,
like their was no connection; conversing ordinarily.
He wants to tell her that he loves her more than she knows;
that he is right for her but he can't say it formally.
Instead he stays hurting listening to her talk about her history;
hurting that he can't be the one and she stays in misery.
He can't love her the way he wants to,
maybe he should give up because it seems like he will never gain his victory.
She said she needs time; that she is still hurt,
living on a false hope; He seems to have learnt,
the realities of forbidden love and the way it burns,
That there really is no return when you pass the point of no return
Living his life in love with the same girl in time;
a heart regretful; and her smile always on his mind.
Deep in thought trying to understand that love is blind;
but his eyes were fully open when he loved her eyes.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet 


When we close our tired eyes to sleep,
we see a whole new world in our dreams.
Peace so serene and so many other magical scenes,
and we feel an invincibility that nobody could defeat.
The feelings we could reveal; hiding in our own mental retreat.
A heavenly aura when we imagine angels that we can see,
dreaming a life where we are the fullest to what we want to be.
Glowing and smoothly growing grass and swaying trees;
Nature at work, animals playing in the meadow and the winds we feel.
This is what we see through our mental eyes; what we want to see,
what happens when we see the truth; the horrific reality.
A dangerous vision of all horrors; what we call nightmares,
Scenes of death and demons that leave even our eyes scared
A burning hell and redness; blazing fires in every turning,
these frights fill our minds and our paranoias are returning.
The heaviness of hearts when we see a family member die,
The water that is forced from our eyes,
the pain we feel when we want to cry;
Believing the nightmare forgetting that it is a lie.
This is the world we can see when we sleep,
We can either remain in dreams; or learn to fly high.
Our mental images become exactly what we desire;
but sometimes we can't control them like a blazing fire.
Like seeing death in our minds but also seeing them revived,
but it isn't reality, from these images we must retire.
When everything is broken into pieces; we can rebuild;
from nothing to everything; from laughing to screaming.
Everything changes in seconds; from misery to blessings;
This is the definition of dreams, a life in where we are not breathing

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet