Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Screaming Soul

Silence of a dying heart; frightened cause of the crying stars,
Screams of extinguished plights; No strength left to keep fighting dark.

The poison of the world injected into our veins,
Infects our souls to the core of our being.
The whispers of the words disected into our pains,
And we can't endure any of the things that we're feeling.

Aparitions of the past haunt and taunt; shadowing the walls,
Our futures hiding away allowing our present to engulf; narrowing the calls.
Sights of a prosperous life now become dying hope,
Our hearts bleeding because of our crying souls.

The world forcing us to our knees; we pray - Oh lord save us,
Blind to see the truth , 
led astray by the mind 
denying those who embrace us.

Taking our spoils of war by a firm grasp,
yet winning nothing but the soils of emptiness.
Why do we fight when victory does not last,
And nothing can contain plight or lift this heaviness.

My heart cries; bleeds the pain it cannot bare,
Screaming it's loneliness just wanting someone to care.
Dying; crying and trying; tired of the fakes constantly lying,
Hoping and dreaming for someone to set free a soul smiling.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

All I'll ever be...

From the moment I saw you thats when I knew,
That I was in love with an angel; yes that's you.
I told you how I felt that very same moment I learned,
And though it seemed like a surprise you ignored the truth.

Following the days releasing love you said I was just a friend,
A cover in the shadow ; nothing more than a comrade in the end.
Days fly past yet my heart didn't want to give up on you,
Telling myself I can think I can forget but I just can't pretend.

My feelings were the reasons I kept on breathing,
And even I wanted to find a purpose and every possible meaning,
To why I can't stop loving you the way that I do,
But now I realise that the only possible answer is leaving.

I can't go on anymore with false hopes and dreams,
The thoughts and desires that mix; the meaningless smiles in my sleep.
You don't understand and you never will understand my love,
Because for you it's nothing but for me it's everything what life seems.

I was just a best friend; someone you needed when you cried,
I'm sorry I can't do it; I can't move on even  though I've tried.
I can't love you like this and then be just a friend,
You can only really understand if you actually looked into my eyes.

Everytime I see you my heart skips a beat or two,
My blood starts pumping and I lose my breath too.
I can't be the same guy you expect to be there,
Though I do care; my love for you will be the cause of my death soon.

Forever hoping and dreaming that one day things will change,
They say you have to face every obstacle and every pain,
To find a new day; a blue day and a new end,
That maybe I could be something more and not just a friend.

Friday, 13 December 2013

What is and What was

Reminissing the days when mornings were bliss and blue,
Believing the beauty of the stars so fixed and true.
Remembering the times when pindrops could be heard,
And the science of poetry was more than just trying to rhyme words.
Memories of old when the nights were silent,
When there were no news of spreading violence.
The days where we could live happily instead of frightened,
When sending signals was just morse code dashes and hyphens.
Melodies of the past can still be recognised in our minds,
Things that will never leave because we were ignorant and blind.
Remembering the days when there was no hate,
Just love for all; regardless of colour; religion or race.
Trying to remember what was to what is can be very hard,
Because thats a past never to be found again in our hearts.
Like the brightness of the stars or the quiet of the dark,
Trying to fix something again that has been torn and broken apart.
Regrets and remorse fill our emotions like never before,
Wishing we hadn't felt this or had to see the things we saw.
Wishing tomorrow would be a better day; a brighter day,
That destinies could be changed and we would have a finer fate.
No more wars; no more injustice; just peace and love in this world,
A day where we stand together even just by words.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Never trust anyone

I remember days ago when you promised me,
That you would always be there and you said you said it honestly.
A fool I was to believe the lies in those fake words,
Only now I realise that the truth isn't your policy.

Going our seperate ways you're living your own life,
How many other people are you going to poison with lies?
Hiding behind a front; a fake face; a blunt knife,
But just as deadly as a sharp one; why was I blind?

 I'm used to being stabbed in the front; now in the back,
No such thing as a true friend and that's a cruel fact.
Illusions that the world covers our eyes with,
The passion in my heart; inspirations I find and write with.
Rhymes of life; echoes of pain and melodies of deceit,
Living life with a head up fighting destinies of belief.

No more trust; never keep it cause it gets broken,
Enemies and friends come from the same place,
Eventually both are liars except enemies are open,
While friends are hidden  and slip away like snakes.

Never trust a word; Never trust a false promise,
Never trust the world; Never trust someone who claims to be honest.
Never trust an angel; nor the devil who claims to be a friend,
Never trust a stranger; nor somebody who seems heaven sent.
Never trust anyone; not a word or breath,
Trust only yourself; everyday until the day of your death.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Fighting Life

Aparitions of the past present in the dark of my room,
Shadows of regret crawl along the wall in sync with mental doom.

Whispers of the night reach my heart and frighten me,
Paranoia reaches an extreme level; the dark enlivens me.

The devil  upon his hellish throne plotting and planning,
Ensuring no flaws like the computers we use cropping and scanning.

The stars in awe and majesty lose light and hope,
The moon cradled upon the galaxies; now just as plain as rope.

The heavens we pray for now just seems like a fantasy,
The only thing that is real is the pain and the agonies.

Every day is a fight; from the morning till the light sets,
Counting our blessings when we lay in our nice beds.

We strive on the melodies of life; our heart beats,
Each one like a drum yet as magical as when the stars speak.

There is yet hope; a light even in the smallest shades,
Never give up; Never stop trying even in the coldest rains.

Monday, 18 November 2013

She's broken...

Her tears are falling; Her heart is hurting,
Thoughts cloud her mind; was all that time really worth it?
Regretting every moment; every memory,
Crying because it hurts and there is no remedy,
Trying to forget what they shared; their melodies.
Wishing that it never happened; that she fought her destiny,
But just sitting back and taking it because it's meant to be.

Her heart broken in two pieces; swearing on her love,
Trying to forget the magical moment; like heaven above.
She falls to her bed; lying down against it looking up,
Millions of thoughts on her mind; the pain is too much.

Questioning her life and what she did to lose it,
picking up the phone to tell him she loves him,
Ready to ask him that she'll do anything to prove it.

But he cuts off the phone and she is left speechless,
as her heart beats grow slower; her love is a weakness.
She sits in a corner; crying over the fact he cheated,
Swearing to never again to trust love; never again believe it.
Broken; full of misery and sorrow; left alone,
This is what happens if you treat them wrong; you break their souls.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Purpose Of Life

Starry skies filled with shadows of remorse and regret,
A whirlwind of confusion on the pool of emotions that  we felt.
Hearts heavy with burden unanswerable to our minds,
Looking for the light with our eyes but we seem to be blind.
Cloudless winter days ahead of us with nothing but breaths of cold,
Affecting our warmth penetrating right into our souls.
The ghouls that haunt us; our nightmares that taunt us,
And through our experiences and mistakes that taught us.
Whispers of the night like a blade past our ears,
That stabbing like feeling in the hearts when facing our fears.
Dreaming of a blissful fantasy that fades into empty images,
Created in our minds; illusions puzzled the pathways of many distances.
Trying to find a rope to climb; a rope to keep hold,
To escape the forever holding darkness to free our souls.
Imagine a life without meaning; a life without purpose,
Was everything that we suffered for in the end all worthless?
Imagine finding your last breath; in a meeting with death,
Laying on the bed; inhaling your final wishes down to your regrets.
What would your thoughts be; how would you feel,
Or would you be so frightened that none of it was real?
Would you understand your heart; everything that it bled,
From the silent screams; to every pain that was felt.
Would you know the darkness; would you know what the stars meant,
The lights in the skies that guide us; or would you keep it to your last breath?

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Stab me again

What is this shadow covering my heart from smiling,
No light in my sight; like no signal when my phone is dialing.
No answer; no ringtone; just the predictable silence,
Like the vivid vision of a world where there is no violence.
What is this cold I feel from my head to my spine,
From my heart to soul; everything I see with my eyes.
No more warmth from the sun; no joy in my heart,
Depressed and broken to pieces like paper that has been torn apart.
I had a smile once; and It used to be stuck on my face,
And I was always happy; always in the right place.
It's like I was stabbed in both my front and back,
and I can't even bleed but it hurts worse than that.
No tears in my eyes but my heart is screaming,
No fears in your lies but the stars are screeching,
I thought I was dreaming; I didn't know what I was believing,
But life isn't always bliss; not when the reaper is preaching.
The winds blow with the secrets of time,
and I would try to find them when she used to be mine.
It's like in an instance; I lost everything including myself,
Nobody know what the real truth is or what lies tell.
Stab me with a knife or a sword; the wound is the same,
I don't believe in a real happiness; just in this pain.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The days that pass

Days pass by through the summer skies and gentle breeze,
Waves splash high by the beaches; sounds of harmony and peace.
The sun shining in all of it's glory; high in majesty making life at ease,
The clouds that float by so calmly; a day can quickly turn into a week.

Everyday is a new day; new adventures to explore,
Yesterday becomes a part of the past; forget what happened before.
Live for today and not for what has passed;
Because life doesn't stay for anyone; it flies away so very fast.

Thoughts can become memories; they stay in your mind,
Feelings become what you had; but stay in your heart's light.
Echoes of melodies can be heard in the night skies;
And become our remedies and fulfill our destinies and make us fly high.

Apparitions of our past will always haunt us,
The shadows of regret and remorse will always taunt us.
Rejuvenate our souls by living a new life with a new sight,
And with the clouds as our cushions we can reach new heights.

There will always be strong and weak; pure and evil,
Different types of people who are either sturdy or feeble.
If we stay strong in ourselves we can never be defeated,
And having that faith in ourselves we need to always believe it.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Broken By Your Lies

Contemplating the life we lived and the memories we shared,
And the emotions we created; how much we cared.
Sounds of the echoes and whispers of the breeze could be heard,
In our moment of affections of just us two not a third.
I could feel your love descending from the skies we were under,
Never a rainy day; never a storm never a day of thunder.
Our love could travel the world and split the heavens asunder,
And this feeling we had was more than just a marvellous wonder.
I had you in my soul whispering to my heart beats,
And when you're not with me I understand how being torn apart feels.
When I'm around you I can even hear the stars speak,
And love is something that even the dark fears.
These were my thoughts in life and in my dreams,
A time when I felt everything so was so perfect and serene.
But your lies destroyed all my joy; every drop and seed,
That was to bloom in harmony you made it hard for me to breathe,
And now there is no peace or a moment of ease,
No melodies at night for a moment of sleep.
I hear the echoes of your lies in the cold nights,
Regrets fill my sorrows with despair on the fact I called you mine,
No matter how much I try; I always sleep in tears because I cry,
And the false love you defied;  I thought we could touch the skies.
I was blind; now I understand the expression that love isn't always right.
And breaking everything that I was; can you sleep with a smile at night?
Broken by your lies; I shed my tears every night when I cry,
But you live happily like theres a new rainbow in the skies.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Like A Flame

Nights of silence yield to the shadows of our world,
Skies of red and violence fill the ambience with lethal words.
Peace is a fantasy and a word that needs to be erased,
From memories of our minds and an existence from it's place.

Everyone would spend their lives looking for a happiness; love,
It's not till after the pain when the reality is that it can't be touched.
Spending our daily lives meeting new people full of hope and trust,
But end our nights filled with pain that just becomes too much.

Why is it that we look for our dreams in a world that is a false reality,
trying to overcome all agonies living in a false peace with friends and family.
We live till our lives end with one mentality; that we can live out our fantasies,
But when we finally reached our deathbeds we regret what we had to see.

Memories and destinies; enemies from the sound of a melody,
Trying to avoid the life that is meant to be; looking for a remedy.
This life is a test; and I also admit that I think love isn't meant for me,
But at least I'm alive ; so no complaints and I'm blessed to be.

Words can be as lethal as bullets or a cure for the soul,
They can be as blunt as bronze or as valuable as gold.
It depends on how you read life; with your mind or your heart,
And if you truly understand you could even grasp the stars.

Let not one sorrow be the end; let us not finish in misery,
Stay optimistic; let us not end our lives with a negative history.
When you fall down; get straight back up again,
Don't be a victim to weakness and rise up like a flame.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Your False Love

It's so hard to breathe; confined in heartache,
My mind has fallen apart; I'm so used to heartbreak.
Impedimence in my speech; hesitation in my feelings,
Now when I say something it has a complete different meaning.

The world on my shoulders; no one will understand,
Nothing to chase my fears away; not even the thunder can.
My heart already in pieces;  buried in sorrow like being under sand.
Nothing but mistakes and wrongs like a blundered plan.

Your smile is what gave me a reason;
To count every breath i breathed and the beats my heart was beating.
Even feelings can change like the four seasons,
and now every one of them has a different meaning.
You're suffocating me with your decieving lies,
How did I fall in love with those false believing eyes?
Treacherous like the devil's shadow in the night dark,
Breaking hope with deception extinguishing the sky's stars.
You said you loved me; Said I had the right heart,
and you made me feel like I could really fly far.

I won't trust a word; I won't believe a hint,
I won't fall for any of the things you sing; it's a cruel world.
Now that I'm turning my back don't try to find me,
Leave me be and don't ever stand behind me.
Love is just a word that falls from your mouth,
Not a feeling that will break someone; just a spoken sound.
Love isn't in your heart; just the lies you live with,
Don't message me again; I don't want the attention that you give him.
So this is farewell; not on the best terms but this is goodbye,
It started with once upon a time when I fell for your good eyes.
I'll forget why I even tried; and keep it to myself that I cried,
And always remember that you were just full of lies.

Word's aren't enough

I don't think words justify the way I feel,
Putting words together doesn't make the magic real.
If i could show you with what I do; then I have no fears,
From flying to the heavens down to your heart to see what I can steal.

If you really want to know then take a look in my heart,
It's illuminated by your light; not a single piece is dark.
No matter where you are; if here or a million miles far,
I just look at the sky and count all of the stars..
Waiting even if forever but I know it's you,
From the very first word you read; it's all true.
The way you make me smile like when the skies are blue,
Don't you worry cause I'll be seeing you soon.
Just so I can smile myself away to sleep,
Then wake up again to realise that you're not just a dream.

I have a million thoughts especially when you're on my mind,
And it's not just cause I think of you a million times.
Feelings are real and turn into words that rhyme,
And an adventure of emotions till the last beam of light.
Let me just finish with that there truly isn't a fairer sight,
Than the one I love; the  one I can call mine.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Those Eyes...

Hazel eyes like the pure crystals of heavens that descends,
A flow of grace throughout the world; the blessings that defend.

A beauty unspoken; Impossible to describe with a few words,
An ambience of elegance in a life to live in a new world.

Dedication and commitment; qualities of perfection,
Perfectly introduced in a soul in sight of every perception.

Outspoken and extrovert; qualities of confidence extruding,
Like a blissful dream we don't wake from; the annoyance we're excusing.

Beauty isn't defined by what is outside;  but also the inside,
And in regards to the great things of life you've given me an insight.

The things worth living for are the things we work for,
and we continue to strive for ambitions no matter how hurtful.

Heaven is confirmed ; it's belief is defined by your existence, 
Because no human soul is so beautiful; not in any instance.

Melodies of rhyme forever in the remedies of life,
The destinies of minds can keep the enemies blind.

Keep the memories nice if what's meant to be is right,
The best in me was found when I was meant to see the light.

Your eyes are alas more than just a beautiful dream,
Your soul is the bliss that can be found in slumber and sleep.

I feel I've found a new journey in life when I see your eyes, 
though it'll stay in my mind I'll be flying in the skies.

From the clouds that float by and the wind's silent whispers,
From the sun of spring till the end of the cold of winter.

Monday, 26 August 2013

Reality of Love

Despair that I can't repair ; Sorrow that I just can't follow,
She said she cared; but she isn't fair and has left me so hollow.
Misery that has history; Broken isn't the only adjective open.
She lifted me to heaven so blissfully;
And I felt like I was floating.
A heart screaming to the lonely stars speaking,
The dark screeching right to the far believing.
Silence revealing the painful truth that the start was concealing.
A unsolevable puzzle with questions that just can't be answered,
Too many thoughts; a disease that cannot be cured like cancer.
Love isn't the answer to happiness; it is one of two,
The element to evil or a fantasy of joy but it's shun of truth.
If secrets were sought then learn what a broken heart speaks,
Whispers of unveiling nightmares; joy that the dark seeks.
Shadows crawl through orifices vulnerable through wreck,
Emotionally distraught; mind infected by a plague to lose all respect.
A poison that flows through the veins from the centre,
to destroy the core and the soul like the cold of december.
Melodies were remedies to some of our painful memories,
But love is a havok to the things we want to remember.
Love is a disease that will eventually destroy the mind,
Infecting all that is pure from the glimpse of the eyes.
Love is something that we chase directly from our ignorance,
It is something that is developed and not a beginning interest.
Wars are instant like our thoughts we kept so distant,
But love will hypnotise; and when we fall in it we just won't listen.
Love isn't a soothing hymn from heaven but a deceptive song from hell,
Love isn't what we count as a blessing,
Nor tales of joy or stories that we tell.
Love can only be what destiny decides,
Wether its happiness or pain that resides.
Love isn't in our control so just keep it inside,
And never succumb to it's evil for a miserable insight.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Deceptive World

The fragrance of the summer flowers spread with the wind,
Like the clouds that float by in gentleness as days begin.
 The green grass stagnant in colour as the trees  sway,
And if we keep the silence we can hear what the breeze says.

Cold nights like whispers in the dark when bereft of stars,
The eerie silence of the streets that leave us with no peace,
Or ease yet strikes mighty hope in our doubtful hearts.
Hope that showers in a glow of elegance even when we bleed.

The flickering street lamps as if entities of other worlds were passing,
The howling winds as if to screech in peril like the scratching of glasses.
The blanket of black that covers our skies till the time of dawn,
And an even longer lasting period of darkness when we are fasting.

It's like we can see a dying hope in the world in the fading days,
Like as if the darkness is only temporary with the rainy haze.
Can we look forward to a new light in the arrival of dawn,
Or are my rhythms wasted because eternal evil is born?

 There are no remedies left in the painful melodies,
No more energy left to keep fighting our destinies.
I don't remember things that were said to me;
But I always forever will see things that are meant to be.
Blind ignorance; who are our friends and who are the enemies?
Mind interests; chasing materialistic lives and paying prices heavily.

Shadows shall forever fill our world whether hidden or in sight,
But it's only our voice and our choice if we want to cure the inside.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Do you ever feel that in reality no body is really there,
Especially the ones that promise that they'll always care.
Do you ever feel that no matter what life just isn't fair,
And they don't actually help with what you can't bare.
Do you ever feel that such a thing as a real friend even exists,
Question it's truth to the extent that this is evil bliss.
I don't believe in trust because promises are just as fake,
Words that are said but never kept;and slide away like snakes.
I don't believe in a true friend because they also change,
You can't expect someone to always be the same.
Through the sunny days of summer till the autumn rain,
Nor can you expect someone to bare your pain.
Life is for living on your own; it's your journey,
just as you compete in competitions on your own like in tourneys.
Don't let your thoughts become your eternal beliefs,
because when the truth hits you; there will be no relief,
And it will be harder to breathe; and you'll constantly question peace,
And dream of a life of ease but the fantasies will cease.
Don't live your life only based on how you feel,
Because thats not living; it's not even real.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Friendship Paradigm

No matter how I feel I don't have the words to say to you,
And so it seems that all I'll ever be is a mate to you.
You'll never understand that I want to be more than friends,
Where we can go everywhere hand in hand till heavens ends.
I want to be the one who cherishes your heart,
The only one who lights up your world like a million stars.
The person from whom you can't bare being apart,
Nor from whom you can't bare the thought of being far.
I want to be the one that always  crosses your mind,
Like the way you cross mine; my heart and my eyes.
I don't wanna be stuck as friends; I want to be your lover,
I want you to choose me and not another.
But we're stuck in a paradigm you will never understand,
Like the rainbow that appears the thunder planned.
I want to be able to take you out and leave you with a smile,
And I want to be the only one you ever want to dial.
But you just want to be friends and I guess it's okay,
I'll just sit here and hope that you'll understand one day.
Maybe you'll miss me one day; maybe you'd want to call me,
It's just a fantasy conjured up that just seems to haunt me.
I don't want to stay as friends because it's true that I love you,
And you're not just a friend; you're an angel from above too.
Dear crush please take my heart and finally listen,
I want to be more than friends; my feelings are no longer hidden.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Smoking Life Away

Exhale the smoke; it feels real good tonight,
Twenty box; each one is real good to light.
Loosens the tightness and takes away the stress,
while everyone I see are acting like they've been blessed.
I don't do it for the image I do it for my mind,
to take the boulder weight off and use more of my eyes.
I'd rather see life then constantly think about it,
Of what it could be or has been or what I would be without it.
Inhale the white end; without even trying,
It takes away the burden without even fighting.
No need to speak; no need to keep on lying,
Just a drag and I can avoid all of the crying.
People telling me every puff and I'm moments from dying,
Trying to make me stop freeing myself and stop hiding.
I'm doing this because I really just don't want to face it,
All the drama in my life; I'm showing im against it.
Just a quick one outta the box and the stress is gone when I've blazed it,
Can anyone understand the reality of why I fake it?
It's a psychological effect on our thoughts that blame it,
Thinking smoking will make it fine but it won't erase it.
Just throw the damn thing away; that's not how you live,
You only take as much as you are ready to give.
We don't need to breathe out smoke to help ourselves,
And all that will do is wreck our health.
So respect yourself,
We all do it in life; some for a reason and some for reputation,
But think about it before you do it; and next time I hope there's hesitation.
Remember you're not just throwing your life away;
You're smoking it away
And one day it'll get so bad it'll feel like it's choking your brains.
So tell me if it's worth it just to worsen what you have,
To reach a point where it's pointless even looking back.
Stay healthy; stop smoking and live a brighter life,
darkness is temporary; just wait for the nicer sights.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Rhythms of Love

Looking for the poetry in my heart with your voice in my head,
Looking for the words from the stars with choices to test.
Sitting alone in the dark waiting to hear from you,
Contemplating my emotions and even fearing it's true.
That I've fallen in love with you; and everything you symbolise,
And the sparkle of your eyes which I think are nice.
Your warm laugh that can make the world glow when it's dark,
when there is no light left; you keep me from breaking apart.
You're like the moon to my sun; there is no life without you,
Just like the saying goes that there is no lie without truth.
Oh beloved why is it that you live away so many miles,
when there isn't a day that passes that I fall in love with your smiles.
The bond that we have; connection that is stronger than bluetooth,
has caused me to hear melodies of romance; some I've heard from Youtube.
There isn't a moment when you haven't crossed my mind,
You've caught my eyes and you've got my sight.
They say love is blind but I see you just fine,
but you've stolen my heart and you have my life.
You're not just a crush or somebody I like,
because cupid has hit me with an arrow of love from ever so high.
What is this feeling;heart beating without reason,
With rhythms of passion changing like the four seasons.
Often in life we live to figure out the purpose to our breathing,
But halfway through our time we wake from sleeping,
Then experience living out the things we were dreaming.
This stirring in my heart isn't just something I can forget though i'd love to,
But I guess you should really know that I love you

Monday, 5 August 2013

Does she?

Holding  my heart in my hands ready to gift it,
In thoughts of whom I love and if she feels the same way.
Taking life by the handles and finally ready to live it,
But the doubt and fear of not knowing is a pain sake.

Listening to whispers of mixed reality clueless,
Trying to force belief into myself that it would be fine.
Just tell her I love her and I won't look stupid,
But thats the method when you don't use your mind.

Should I send her a bouquet of roses to symbolise,
All the feelings I'm keeping inside; what would she say?
I don't want to be cliched so should I improvise,
Yet the fear of rejection always passes day by day.

I shall sit here like a lost child just wondering,
If ever she shall feel the way that I do.
What am I really afraid of; making mistakes and blundering,
Or expressing my love but looking like a fool?

I sit here writing these words; these rhythms not breathed,
Wishing life was easy to travel by like light.
If I let her know would I find my peace,
Or would I fall into darkness with tears in my eyes?

Oh love do you torment and taunt me,
wondering and wanting for her to understand how I feel.
Like ghosts of my pasts do you always haunt me,
But love isn't a dream; the pain is very real.

Sighing away my hopes thinking if she ever thinks of me,
With dreams of a blissful companionship forever.
Wishing that like the angels she would sing of me,
Praising my love for her; but a dream it'll remain
And reality never...

Friday, 2 August 2013

What I Had Found

I rubbed my eyes once; twice in disbelief of what I had found,
Twas like a dream that finally revealed itself from all doubts.
A serenade of a desire; that had always been a wish,
And now that one "want" has become a happiness and bliss.
Never did I think possible; to find a heart like mine,
In a beautiful woman like you; who shares the same mind.
Your love for the things I love keeps me in an eternal awe,
Your similarities to me struck me in disbelief and defied Heavens Law.
Were you sent as a blessing in my life to keep my grin alive,
Were you to be a companion in work side by side to help my sight?
Your voice as sweet as the melodies played in my dream world,
During phone calls; that last till the hourglass finishes its hurl.
and maybe when in my mind; the rhymes finish its words,
Because surely you are beyond the magnificence of gems and pearls,
and your voice is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
Forgive me for I dare not lose your presence from my life,
Someone who mirrors my soul perfectly from heart  to mind.
Someone who understands me perfectly without your eyes.
A lover of tea; with no secrets and nothing to hide.
You are that missing piece; to the puzzle I could not complete,
And now it is finished; and life is obsolete!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Distracted by Twitter and Facebook my will to sleep,
Staying in reality instead of finding my dreams.
Forgetting of importance; Forgetting the stars to reach,
Forgetting my need to rest I stay awake to speak.

What is this shadow floating over my head,
What is this doubt that is preventing my rest?
What is this weight that I feel on my chest
And why is it when I finally sleep it feels like death?

Why does sleep not reach me even late at hour,
Why is my insomnia strong; like slumber has no power?
Even when the sun has risen I find no fatique in eyes,
And yet I remain fully awake after the umpteenth tries.
When sleep is trying to find me why does Insomnia fight,
when my heart and mind can no longer bare staying alive?

I need my sleep and I need my rest,
I need my energy its for the best.
Yet why does it haunt me; why does it taunt me,
Knowing that I was a child that was born free?
What has it brought me; why had it sought me,
Though in my mind I live a life that is law free.
So surely; a reason must exist to why it fought me,
And why it still fences with my sleep; trying to rule my mind so lordly.

Insomnia forever be a shadow to plague the mind,
Causing unrest as if a fire to blaze the eyes.

Monday, 29 July 2013


Breathless; looking left and right with no where to go,
Running to a destination unknown without looking back.
Their purpose in life; does anybody really know,
Or do they look back after the facts?

Cornered and caged by my insecurities; no one can save me,
All i ever needed in my life was somebody to embrace me.
But even my words won't describe how it has been lately,
Like the world had turned and everyone was against me.
Theres no more  air to breathe; im gasping for life,
My eyes are blind; I can't see anymore I need the light.
Can anybody really tell the difference between wrong or right,
Or am i the only one who chose not to use his mind?

I feel like the shadows have cornered me to death,
Like there is no way out till my very last breath.
Trying to squeeze the very life out of my chest,
Slowing down my heartbeats until my soul is dead.

All i need is someone to bring me down a rope,
A light to guide me out; a reason to hope.
All i need is someone to understand me; and not look past me,
If somebody has seen the things I had seen,
Then take my words to heart; life can treat us badly

A friend is a reason to hope; a reason to smile,
Something to look for even if a millon miles.
Peace of the heart and peace of the mind,
A way to the future forget looking behind.
If there is a friend out there;  may you hear these words,
Because we are both in solitude in this world.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Person I See

I see a person looking back at me,
Staring at me the way I stare in return.
Every gesture I make he reacts to me,
and I realise that what I learn he learns.

I see a person who has my eyes reflecting my soul,
who has my features from every bit of flesh and bone.
I see a person who looks where I look,
from right to left; we share the same view.

I see a person who feels the same as what I feel,
contemplating ideologies between what is false and real.
I see a person who wants to be where i am,
And I where he is yet he also has my hands.

I see a person who reaches out when i reach out,
who in the cold of the night also breathes loud.
I see a person bereft of will; exhausted from trying,
but isn't it strange that I also feel like I'm dying?

I see a person reaching out; trying to find me,
but when I reach out I feel something cold yet shiny.
It's a mirror; I see a reflection of me,
in a world where many defections I see.
The mirror is not just an ornament of the house,
but also an object to find yourself even in doubt.
Hearts may scream all it can bare but not a sound,
Nothing to be heard and certainly nothing to be found.
Yet look in the mirror and everything shall be there,
You shall see you; perhaps the only one that really cares.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

New days

We all have moments of despair; moments of depression,
but don't let mistakes become regrets let them be a lesson.
We learn from experience; Not from achieving,
We learn from reaching as long as we keep believing.
It does not matter how you are feeling;
unless you give it a meaning,
and if you can't find it ask your heart why you are breathing.
Theres always a reason to why we stay or if we are leaving,
don't remorse over the bad things we keep on seeing.

Look at the sky; a star may diminish but theres a million more,
The sun may set but the moon is instantly born.
When a candle flame has blown out; do not despair,
for even the flickers of a flame can be repaired.
Do not allow your heart to drown in sorrow,
Be strong to yesterday's misery and find a light to follow,
because yesterday has gone and there will always be a tomorrow,
Do not become an apariton or allow your heart to become hollow.

Though the wind may whisper; the sun shall rise on a new day,
The birds will chirp again in an ambience of high definition like Blu-ray.
Believe in the changes of life rather than stressing,
because everyday that comes and goes are blessings.
The blue skies will clear out a path for us to take,
and it's how we travel down this road that will lead us to a better place.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Solitude;  Feeling so locked up and imprisoned,
Cornered by my shadows and doubts in this prism,
The things that I did and things I really wish I didn't,
But through my problems I never had anyone who would listen.
Trying to understand the depths of my mind now,
Trying to comprehend what my heart feels when the lights out.
Drowning in my yesterday; Trying to reach for tomorrow,
Trying to remember my happiness but Im overwhelmed in my sorrow.
It's dark again and I can't find the star I want to follow,
I don't feel myself anymore; why do I feel so hollow?
Constantly facing a world of hatred on a daily basis,
the pressure building up on my head feeling crazy; hate this.
Aggro from every where I look,
can someone save me; I'm pain sick.
Hiding away from the sun rays; Nothing used to phase me but now its raining.
Looking back at the world It feels like everyone is against me;
And I blame this,
My heart feels like its going to break;
and i need to face this.
No one can catch a tear of mine and understand my pain,
No one has the same reason as mine to  scream in the rain.
Can you feel my suffering in these rhythms of remorse,
Like being stuck in a cage; of prisms forced.
All i need is a rope to hold on to; for my escape,
and maybe when someone reads this; they can relate.
We live in a world where we need to understand one another,
that the only difference is that we have different mothers.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Road Of Life

Staring at the face of death in the cold silent nights,
Frozen in tendrils of fear when reflecting my frightened eyes.
Violent sights and heightened fights fill our lives,
Dying lies and trying cries kill our might.
Whispers of the stars in the blanket of black,
crawling shadows in the night like paranoia and looking back.
Streetlamps that fault and fail destroying our hope,
To walk a path in light; that dream has now closed.
Our beliefs that started strong have become weak and wavering,
Like we are bereft of the moments we smiled at; ones we were savouring.
Cold haunts our spines when we feel all alone,
Like death has just passed giving a chance to our souls.
Standing in awe looking at the long treacherous roads,
yet silent whispers say Let Us Trust In Our Hopes.
Our hearts say we are only a step away from home,
but the shadows reach to the cores of our flesh and bones.
The step now feels like it is a million miles away,
A distance now even a million smiles cannot save.
Were there now a flash of hope in the distant skies,
Tears would fill every corner of my glistening eyes.
Were there now a morning I could wake up to,
My heart would then keep beating to love too.
Were there now a lighthouse that could guide the way,
My life would never stray to what my mind would say.
Were there a reason to stay forever alive,
my heart would keep breathing till I could fly.
Were I in love; would this feeling of darkness exist,
Were I to trust; would the meaning of heartless be bliss?
Life is never the choices that we opt to take,
merely a chance on the long narrow road that we fail to make.


Bitten by the howling winds that are grasping me,
when you see me; do you first look at the past in me?
The sun that spreads light to the corners of the world,
like how rumours spread; nothing is faster than words.
Look at my eyes; Can you see the very same lies,
the ones that you hear from those with weak minds?
blind with arrogance; overwhelmed with ignorance,
lack of self worth; decieving their own interests.
Conflicts of friends and enemies become instant,
revolving around words that spread with inferance.
Look at my heart; do you believe now what you heard,
Reflect on my sorrowful tears; Have these events ever occured?
Evil exists even in silent whispers that pass on,
and the effects of lies shall prolong even if the liar has gone.
If you seek the truth; ask it from me,
I have no need to defend if you indeed trust me.
Though the one who lies knows little of who they lie about,
but the ignorant shall not think and leave all doubt.
Not in sight or in sound; not at that place or anywhere to be found,
Is ever the instigator of falsehood to stick around..
Doubts shall always exists in the hearts of even the faithful,
Truth is something to be found and not expected; not from the hateful.
If you wish to judge me then do so and judge me,
I can only expect understanding from those who really love me.

Friday, 5 July 2013

do you remember

Do you remember the feeling when our eyes had met,
A moment of magic in our stomachs like the sun had set.
Do you remember when we said how we felt,
as if  lightning had struck the earth like a belt.
Do you remember when we had our very first kiss,
holding each others hands as we were stuck in bliss.
Do you remember when I held you when you were down,
crying in your depression and consumed by your doubts.
Falling in the darkness of your self worth you suffered your sound,
Do you remember that it was only ever me that was always around?
Do you remember when the thunder frightened you,
encouraged by my presence you allowed your love to heighten you.
Do you remember when we danced in the rainy days,
hand in hand we stepped the waltz in crazy ways.
Do you remember when the sun had come out once again,
It was cause of your smile; because you defeated your pain.
Do you remember the last rose I bought for you,
To symbolise the love I nurtured when I fought for you?
Do you remember my laugh and the way I used to talk,
Do you ever in a day give me a single thought?
The heart that once used to beat for your name,
The very same one that was willing to share your pain,
the same tears in your eyes that I would catch in my hands,
but realising now when i write this; things aren't the same.
Do you remember, Do you remember where I used to be,
In the centre of your heart; do you remember me?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Were my heart..

Were my heart to emit a sound; the stars would diminish,
Were my heart to be found; Life itself would be finished.
Were my heart to cry; we would all be drowned,
Were my heart to lie; It would be the cause of doubt.
Were my heart dead; I could not feel so alive,
If my heart had left; I could not feel the light.

Were my heart so dark; I would not find the morning,
Were my heart so very far; I would be alone in the haunting.
Were my heart so fragile; I would be broken,
Were my heart like rock; I would not be able to open.
Were my heart like others; Could I still be me?
Were my heart not mine; Where would i be?

Were my heart to confess; my undying love for you,
Would you hear everything it has to say?
Were my heart to admit; this trying lust for you,
Would you fear my love and drive it away?
Were my heart a pebble would you throw it,
Were my heart what you needed; would you know it?
Were my heart a precious gem; would you keep it,
or let it break and destroy all of my feelings?

Were my heart the pinnacle of your smiles,
would you call it your happiness?
Were my heart the reason for the light in your eyes,
Would you always keep me happy then?
Were my heart a blessing; Would you accept it forever?
Were my heart everything; Would we be together?

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Starless Nights

Starless nights pass in ghastly silence,
Heartless lies grasping; so vastly violent.
Though the moon may speak in sleep,
Our souls lay stagnant in blissful dreams.
What is the world in the eyes that we see with?
What are the words with the lies that we are hearing?
Secrets revealing; reality decieving,
Hearts are believing; losses defeated.
The pain is reaching and we are unable to achieve it,
The goals we ambitioned our hearts with; the ones we were dreaming.
Like walking on the fire that was sleeping,
Unable to find the right reason to the meaning of our breathing,
Or the reason to as to why we feel these feelings.
Its like the shadows breathe in the lonely night skies,
The leaves that fade away as the time flies.
Do we feel the pain when our eyes cry,
or is that only relevant when the light dies?
Take a look at your heart and tell me what you feel,
Remorse and regrets or something way too real?
Life is always about the chances we dare not take,
and steps taken along the path; the hearts we let break.
Looking back is should never be an option or choice,
We should only live by ourselves; our own voice.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

We were once so close

Months pass since the days we used to converse daily,
Sometimes it even felt so intense like you would hate me.
I thought we would stay bestfriends until time would phase me,
But everytime I message; no reply and I've felt worthless lately.
I wanted to tell you how i really and truly felt about it,
But i can't approach you so here is a poem in the hopes that it sounds it.
A letter in a bottle thrown at sea hoping you had found it,
Sinking in the depths of the remorse I will drown in.
I will not lie but i really miss the way we used to talk,
Friends that justified the meaning of the word friend; thats what i thought.
That's what i thought of you because you meant the world to me,
Poetry is my way of speaking but you are more than just a girl to me.
I wish I wasn't such an idiot in your eyes,
It hurts to be ignored especially for how long i had tried.
I am sorry for anything said in the months that have past,
It's been so long since; how the times just flies so fast.
I still care for you because you are my friend,
You may not see me as a friend but i will always till lifes end.
The pain of being cast aside is worth seeing your smile,
Even if i don't hear from you I will still message you once in a while.

Monday, 27 May 2013

A Poetic Twilight

A twilight of clear blueness blends in colour with the skies,
A gentle breeze that touches our skins as it passes and flies.
Clouds that float slowly like unreal dreams,
A magical scene encomapasses life even out of sleep.
The rhythms of life and the melodies of memories soothe us,
and the songs of heaven reach us and move us.
This is the light to shed away the darkness; when we lost it,
The light that guides us again; even when we once forgot it.
Strengthening our weakening wills to keep track of our ways,
To stand up again and follow the light to the end of days
To tell us to never give up on our dreams for they shall be real,
Only if we make them; only if we follow what we feel.
Our minds shadow us in doubt but our hearts will lead us to truth,
Our eyes will pass us to sound but our hearts will lead us to a clear view.
Follow your heart when making the inevitable choices,
Though your mind may sound; you can only choose one of the conflicting voices.
Let it be your heart for your heart is why you live,
Let your heart strengthen your reason to give.
The things you believe in you keep on believing,
And find the reasons; to keep achieving for what you are feeling.
Find the one star that you want to keep on reaching,
And give your renewed life a whole mew meaning.
Let our hearts take control of our lives,
let our hearts make the most of our smiles.
Let the stars host our light for the rest of time,
Let the dark of the night be a simplicity for those who were blind...

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Let us live again

Blessed are the words we begin our lives with,
Falling in the beauty of love do we keep our eyes synched.
Strong are our hearts that we use to fight with,
and hidden away are the once secrets in which we confided.
So when we begin to hear the lying; do we still continue to keep fighting,
Do we keep trying; do we still let our tears fall when we begin crying?
Do we let the clouds pass by or do we allow ourselves to start flying?
Whens the whispers are biting; and the secrets that we held are dying,
Is there a place that can still bring the light in; or must we keep hiding?
Living this life in doubts; without the ridden beauty of sound,
as if we were deaf in each ear; unable to hear what is around.
What if we were blind to what we could see;
What if we couldn't use our minds to what we were to be?
What would this life be; if not what we see in our dreams,
The uncoded realities that are never seen in our fantasies?
Do we ever regret the agonies that we had to see?
Do we ever look at ourselves with hatred so angrily?
Do we remorse on the past that happened and had to be?
We must now never look back and look ahead,
Let's live again; instead of wilting away like the dead.
Let us breathe the beauty of life from our souls,
And let us live again; until we grow old..
Until the air is cold; until our deeds are valued as gold..
Until the remaining whispers will forever roam..
Until the realities of our dreams finally show..