Sunday, 23 December 2012

Words I Can Never Speak

I would wake up in the morning knowing that you have just went to sleep;
Figuring out the timezone difference has my heart jet lagged.
Not knowing when to message so i could tell you that you are always in my dreams,
this constant thought of missing you in a day has my head smashed.
You may live across the world from me which is the truth,
But when i think of you it's like your lying beside me.
Looking at the world with the same eyes comparing our views,
It is only you who can really understand what is inside me.
When it is midnight here it is late afternoon over there,
Rendering me oblivious to solitude bereft of your light.
Your smile that lightens my world; your love that shows you care,
How i wish i could fly to you on this very night that i write
Oh my beloved; though you may love another i shall always love,
Your soul to it's beauty; your heart to it's truth.
The fragrance you emanate; the aura from the heavens above,
and the smile that you smile revitalizes our youth
Speaking alone seems to be hard as your schedule is filled,
And the timezone is an obstacle between my happiness..
Silence in my world during most of the day then your message is a thrill,
As i am quick to reply and understand that i don't love my family less..
I want to marry you; i want to be the one who can keep you smiling...
I know i could had we spent at least a day.
But i am overwhelmed with fatigue of this constant trialing,
If i were there at least it would be more; and you wouldn't smile just to things that i say.
So i write you this poem as a finality to what I've wanted to be said,
Never having the bravery or courage to speak.
Overcome by love that fills my heart and keeps me blessed;
And thoughts of you in the day and dreams during my sleep.
I love you more than you could know;
And it isn't something impossible.
Tell me to go and i shall go as far as anyone could go;
Never say Never: The root to the improbable.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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