Monday, 24 December 2012

Restless Words

Another restless night and again i wish to write about what troubles my mind;
The eery silence of the night and shadows that plague the stars.
Thoughts and doubts that infect my very soul clouding the light,
Suffering of being unaware to what's real ; my troubled heart.
I cry out to the heavens with no voice escaping my mouth,
Trapped eternally in the embodiment of solitude and darkness.
But i find my world enlivened and recoloured at any sound,
Because it is what reassures me that i have not become heartless
Shrouded night skies; dusk when the eyes die.
Clouded bright light; lust when the lies fly.
This is the world that we live in; a fantasy,
Ignoring the harsh realities and the facts that we had to see.
Death is our end; life was our beginning,
We live for today but what is after we do not think.
Truth is no longer spoken; the hopes of many have been broken,
And in all the chaos it feels like the gates of hell have been open.
We were all children that were hoping;
That when we leave the world we would leave a token,
For those after us that would have a future floating.
The lies that have been spread: the tears that are ignored,
The eyes that are now dead; their years that are no more.
Oh heartless ones why do you slaughter ones who have done no wrong;
To kill anyone who is a Muslim is this your military song?
Palestine; the country that has been forced to it's knees,
For no crime that it has committed; you ignore their pleas.
They do nothing but bleed; in frozen nights where they cannot sleep.
Living nightmares that are real wishing they were but bad dreams.
I pray for the salvation of this world; a blessing from above,
Where mankind would unite under one banner of peace and love.
Where racism is classed as evil and unity is the new trend,
If you agree to my thoughts then please do send,
This poem to your friends and family that you need to remind;
Of what is truly right it is time to decide

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet