Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Live and Die

Millions of stars embedded in the black night sky that shrouds us,
Aurora lights that dance and the heavenly aura around us.
The beautiful moon that stands alone as if to shine a secret,
And behind us the shadow silently singing of the reaper.
The breeze of the winds that howl in the cold dark,
And the regrets of a man inside that consumes a whole heart.
In a world where one is always confused where the road starts;
The stars are guides but what if there were no stars?
As we travel our journey of life facing every feeling;
realizing what we are made of and learning the meaning.
Discovering the purpose of our lives and why we are breathing,
or a false hope within us which in truth was always deceiving.
What was we believing, what was we so relieved in;
Learning the truth of life from our souls that were revealing..
We live and we die that is the cycle of the world;
We use our words; we fall in love with one special girl;
We hoard the world for diamonds and pearls; We want to soar the skies like the graceful birds...
To eventually meet our pending doom that is death;
The reaper sitting in the shadows waiting for our last breath.
Singing with the winds until we are on our beds;
Waiting for his glorious moment to put us to rest.
Nightmares and dreams are the same; thoughts conjured in our heads,
But it's up to us to find the truth and grasp the best.
Face what we dread or give up on what has been said.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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