Thursday, 20 December 2012

Letter to my love

Dear beloved you remain a million miles away from me;
But your soul is right here next to me as a blessing.
I know when your smiling because the day is sunny,
And the daydreams i see about you when im resting.
You may live across the world from me even a galaxy;
But one day i will still find you i will still get to you,
No matter what the effort or sacrifice or fantasy;
These are the ambitions of my heart because i love you.
Everyone knows of you; yes even my dear family;
Your smile shining brighter than ever above truth.
Your heart is like a diamond that fell from the heavenly skies;
Are you an angel because your beauty is harmony,
And the peace everybody is after can be found in your eyes,
You are my guiding light for when it's hard to see.
I want to be with you through every sight and breath,
Because you take my air away from me on every thought.
My beating heart that sings of your presence even in death;
And i need more than a few pages to talk about the peace you've brought.
This is my letter to you my beloved; my every feeling,
Thing's i can't say to you when we are speaking.
So i'll write them as a poem so you can get a better meaning;
And understand it's only you that is my reason to keep breathing.
Whenever i see the stars glimmer i think of your smile,
And my desire to travel the world to get to you; the many miles..
It seems small in comparison to my desire of being next to you;
But i am willing to walk through fire and beat any trial;
For an opportunity to be blessed with you.
Dear beloved; i love you more than you will ever know,
Wether this message reaches you maybe you shall see...
Dear beloved; have you ever thought about the water flow,
The way your aura does when it enshrouds me...
Dear beloved; the queen to my world in this realm,
Maybe in this life or maybe even the next.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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