Sunday, 2 December 2012

I once dreamed...

I once dreamed of a life so free;
Where i could live as me with space to breathe.
A life dancing to song and melody heard in silence's pleas,
The howling winds cool and hum a gentle breeze.
A harmonious peace like the sway of the trees,
Water flowing from falls; and stagnancy in rivers and seas.
I once dreamed a life where the sky would be my blanket;
The nights' forever warm under the stars that speak.
But life will never become the way we wish to plan it;
We are controlled through destiny; we shall never see.
I once dreamed a life where poetry could be my speech;
In rhythms that would touch the soul and heart to please.
When my words i write become the reflection of what i feel,
I once dreamed a life that could never be real.
i once dreamed a life where light wasn't just something we see,
Through everything that is covered by darkness; the shadows that flee.
A life of our dreams will become a life of ease;
And that would contradict the true purpose to why we breathe.
A life free of confusion and doubt from the things that we read,
A life free of pain and agony from when we bleed.
A life free of tears and emotions from when we plead,
A life free from death when our hearts find it hard to breathe.
This life will never be what we expect it to be or what we want it to be,
but that is the problem with us; we live in our dreams and not in reality.
We want to live happily in peace with our beloved friends and family.
Things will never be the way we want, only the way that they have to be,
and we carry on chasing the many illusions of life ever so frantically.
 We let loose our emotions; sometimes we become blind and do things angrily,
scared to loose what we have lived for; scared that we are living in vanity.
An emotional alchemy at disarray but we still try to live our lives casually.
As we live in a world where every sight is a tragedy, ignoring the brutalities,
and the fact that wherever we go there will always be hints of blasphemy.
Lets keep our agonies to ourselves and touch the edges of  insanity,
because life can be anything when we are mad; no more calamities.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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