Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Fighting Alone

I've lived my life living in my shadow fighting alone,
Trying to contradict life's rules like lighting a stone.
I tried to be strong baring the weight of the world on my shoulders,
Dragging my feet through the roads i crossed with boulders.
No one at my side or in my heart to be my support;
No one will be there in the future since no one was there before.
Facing the trials of life through innocence and evil;
Touching the edge of a knife so sharp and lethal.
Pain and misery caused by the darkness spread by the people;
How i find myself weakened; a soul so feeble.
The stars sparkle is dimming; the moon's radiance is fading,
And the cold winds slice through the silence and extinguish fires that were blazing.
I had always desired a lamp embedded within my heart;
So many times i thought i had found it descended from amongst the stars.
Then they would depart and travel so very far;
And leave me in searching again; where i was at the start.
I was looking for that love in a friend who would genuinely care;
Put up with my immaturity and keep the promise that they would be there.
I was looking for someone i could call my best friend;
Someone i could cherish at every moment until our blessed ends...
Oh how dreams overwhelm us with illusions unreachable,
This pain in my heart a matter unspeakable.
They said that the sparkle of the stars were retrievable,
But didn't mention that the smile in the mirror wasn't believable.
Shadows reaching at me from every corner i am seated in;
Regrets that torment me and torture me ever so entreatingly.
My heart screaming at the host it had bleeded in,
And me looking at the man in the mirror whose smile taunts so deceivingly
What are tears worth in a world with no light,
What are blood drops worth in a world with cold nights?
What are years wasted in search of gold eyes,
when your heart has deceived you to believe in those lies?

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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