Monday, 31 December 2012

Catch My Tears

An endless scream of silence and pain of my heart as the tears fall;
Memories that erupt and remind me of the history and years before.
The anguish and despair i faced; the emotional challenges i raced,
the torment of the soul i enrage and shadows of the abyss that follow me to every place.
choices that demand a decision instantly; no time to think and say,
the skies that blaze red in sight like fire growing day by day.
if you could understand the language of my heart;
the silent screams; the violent dreams of a shadow like trident fiend.
The pain that cannot be expressed in words but crying;
distressing every tear to it's limit when flowers are dying.
The eyes leak water because the heart is sick of trying,
and forcing a fake smile to show; it's sick of lying.
let my heart bleed to end my mind says;
darkness that covers what my eyes see; the small light rays.
No body cares in this world especially for what I say,
no love amongst family and this is why I fade.
My friends that turn away ripping pieces from my heart,
those who in my sight were true at the start.
and then truth departs and travels away very far;
and then the light that once was has suddenly turned dark.
The smile i used to believe in the mirror has turned lethal;
manipulating reality i saw and manifesting itself in evil.
My heart is scarred; slashed; shattered and broken,
yet finds a way to survive like another door that has opened.
My speech my poetry may they be for those behind a token,
For remembrance of life's realities and the future remains floating.
Catch my tear and feel my pain; Catch my tears in the rain.
Dry my eyes when you've learnt my name , for i shall never again be the same.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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