Monday, 31 December 2012

Catch My Tears

An endless scream of silence and pain of my heart as the tears fall;
Memories that erupt and remind me of the history and years before.
The anguish and despair i faced; the emotional challenges i raced,
the torment of the soul i enrage and shadows of the abyss that follow me to every place.
choices that demand a decision instantly; no time to think and say,
the skies that blaze red in sight like fire growing day by day.
if you could understand the language of my heart;
the silent screams; the violent dreams of a shadow like trident fiend.
The pain that cannot be expressed in words but crying;
distressing every tear to it's limit when flowers are dying.
The eyes leak water because the heart is sick of trying,
and forcing a fake smile to show; it's sick of lying.
let my heart bleed to end my mind says;
darkness that covers what my eyes see; the small light rays.
No body cares in this world especially for what I say,
no love amongst family and this is why I fade.
My friends that turn away ripping pieces from my heart,
those who in my sight were true at the start.
and then truth departs and travels away very far;
and then the light that once was has suddenly turned dark.
The smile i used to believe in the mirror has turned lethal;
manipulating reality i saw and manifesting itself in evil.
My heart is scarred; slashed; shattered and broken,
yet finds a way to survive like another door that has opened.
My speech my poetry may they be for those behind a token,
For remembrance of life's realities and the future remains floating.
Catch my tear and feel my pain; Catch my tears in the rain.
Dry my eyes when you've learnt my name , for i shall never again be the same.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Fighting Alone

I've lived my life living in my shadow fighting alone,
Trying to contradict life's rules like lighting a stone.
I tried to be strong baring the weight of the world on my shoulders,
Dragging my feet through the roads i crossed with boulders.
No one at my side or in my heart to be my support;
No one will be there in the future since no one was there before.
Facing the trials of life through innocence and evil;
Touching the edge of a knife so sharp and lethal.
Pain and misery caused by the darkness spread by the people;
How i find myself weakened; a soul so feeble.
The stars sparkle is dimming; the moon's radiance is fading,
And the cold winds slice through the silence and extinguish fires that were blazing.
I had always desired a lamp embedded within my heart;
So many times i thought i had found it descended from amongst the stars.
Then they would depart and travel so very far;
And leave me in searching again; where i was at the start.
I was looking for that love in a friend who would genuinely care;
Put up with my immaturity and keep the promise that they would be there.
I was looking for someone i could call my best friend;
Someone i could cherish at every moment until our blessed ends...
Oh how dreams overwhelm us with illusions unreachable,
This pain in my heart a matter unspeakable.
They said that the sparkle of the stars were retrievable,
But didn't mention that the smile in the mirror wasn't believable.
Shadows reaching at me from every corner i am seated in;
Regrets that torment me and torture me ever so entreatingly.
My heart screaming at the host it had bleeded in,
And me looking at the man in the mirror whose smile taunts so deceivingly
What are tears worth in a world with no light,
What are blood drops worth in a world with cold nights?
What are years wasted in search of gold eyes,
when your heart has deceived you to believe in those lies?

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Monday, 24 December 2012

Restless Words

Another restless night and again i wish to write about what troubles my mind;
The eery silence of the night and shadows that plague the stars.
Thoughts and doubts that infect my very soul clouding the light,
Suffering of being unaware to what's real ; my troubled heart.
I cry out to the heavens with no voice escaping my mouth,
Trapped eternally in the embodiment of solitude and darkness.
But i find my world enlivened and recoloured at any sound,
Because it is what reassures me that i have not become heartless
Shrouded night skies; dusk when the eyes die.
Clouded bright light; lust when the lies fly.
This is the world that we live in; a fantasy,
Ignoring the harsh realities and the facts that we had to see.
Death is our end; life was our beginning,
We live for today but what is after we do not think.
Truth is no longer spoken; the hopes of many have been broken,
And in all the chaos it feels like the gates of hell have been open.
We were all children that were hoping;
That when we leave the world we would leave a token,
For those after us that would have a future floating.
The lies that have been spread: the tears that are ignored,
The eyes that are now dead; their years that are no more.
Oh heartless ones why do you slaughter ones who have done no wrong;
To kill anyone who is a Muslim is this your military song?
Palestine; the country that has been forced to it's knees,
For no crime that it has committed; you ignore their pleas.
They do nothing but bleed; in frozen nights where they cannot sleep.
Living nightmares that are real wishing they were but bad dreams.
I pray for the salvation of this world; a blessing from above,
Where mankind would unite under one banner of peace and love.
Where racism is classed as evil and unity is the new trend,
If you agree to my thoughts then please do send,
This poem to your friends and family that you need to remind;
Of what is truly right it is time to decide

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Words I Can Never Speak

I would wake up in the morning knowing that you have just went to sleep;
Figuring out the timezone difference has my heart jet lagged.
Not knowing when to message so i could tell you that you are always in my dreams,
this constant thought of missing you in a day has my head smashed.
You may live across the world from me which is the truth,
But when i think of you it's like your lying beside me.
Looking at the world with the same eyes comparing our views,
It is only you who can really understand what is inside me.
When it is midnight here it is late afternoon over there,
Rendering me oblivious to solitude bereft of your light.
Your smile that lightens my world; your love that shows you care,
How i wish i could fly to you on this very night that i write
Oh my beloved; though you may love another i shall always love,
Your soul to it's beauty; your heart to it's truth.
The fragrance you emanate; the aura from the heavens above,
and the smile that you smile revitalizes our youth
Speaking alone seems to be hard as your schedule is filled,
And the timezone is an obstacle between my happiness..
Silence in my world during most of the day then your message is a thrill,
As i am quick to reply and understand that i don't love my family less..
I want to marry you; i want to be the one who can keep you smiling...
I know i could had we spent at least a day.
But i am overwhelmed with fatigue of this constant trialing,
If i were there at least it would be more; and you wouldn't smile just to things that i say.
So i write you this poem as a finality to what I've wanted to be said,
Never having the bravery or courage to speak.
Overcome by love that fills my heart and keeps me blessed;
And thoughts of you in the day and dreams during my sleep.
I love you more than you could know;
And it isn't something impossible.
Tell me to go and i shall go as far as anyone could go;
Never say Never: The root to the improbable.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Letter to my love

Dear beloved you remain a million miles away from me;
But your soul is right here next to me as a blessing.
I know when your smiling because the day is sunny,
And the daydreams i see about you when im resting.
You may live across the world from me even a galaxy;
But one day i will still find you i will still get to you,
No matter what the effort or sacrifice or fantasy;
These are the ambitions of my heart because i love you.
Everyone knows of you; yes even my dear family;
Your smile shining brighter than ever above truth.
Your heart is like a diamond that fell from the heavenly skies;
Are you an angel because your beauty is harmony,
And the peace everybody is after can be found in your eyes,
You are my guiding light for when it's hard to see.
I want to be with you through every sight and breath,
Because you take my air away from me on every thought.
My beating heart that sings of your presence even in death;
And i need more than a few pages to talk about the peace you've brought.
This is my letter to you my beloved; my every feeling,
Thing's i can't say to you when we are speaking.
So i'll write them as a poem so you can get a better meaning;
And understand it's only you that is my reason to keep breathing.
Whenever i see the stars glimmer i think of your smile,
And my desire to travel the world to get to you; the many miles..
It seems small in comparison to my desire of being next to you;
But i am willing to walk through fire and beat any trial;
For an opportunity to be blessed with you.
Dear beloved; i love you more than you will ever know,
Wether this message reaches you maybe you shall see...
Dear beloved; have you ever thought about the water flow,
The way your aura does when it enshrouds me...
Dear beloved; the queen to my world in this realm,
Maybe in this life or maybe even the next.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Live and Die

Millions of stars embedded in the black night sky that shrouds us,
Aurora lights that dance and the heavenly aura around us.
The beautiful moon that stands alone as if to shine a secret,
And behind us the shadow silently singing of the reaper.
The breeze of the winds that howl in the cold dark,
And the regrets of a man inside that consumes a whole heart.
In a world where one is always confused where the road starts;
The stars are guides but what if there were no stars?
As we travel our journey of life facing every feeling;
realizing what we are made of and learning the meaning.
Discovering the purpose of our lives and why we are breathing,
or a false hope within us which in truth was always deceiving.
What was we believing, what was we so relieved in;
Learning the truth of life from our souls that were revealing..
We live and we die that is the cycle of the world;
We use our words; we fall in love with one special girl;
We hoard the world for diamonds and pearls; We want to soar the skies like the graceful birds...
To eventually meet our pending doom that is death;
The reaper sitting in the shadows waiting for our last breath.
Singing with the winds until we are on our beds;
Waiting for his glorious moment to put us to rest.
Nightmares and dreams are the same; thoughts conjured in our heads,
But it's up to us to find the truth and grasp the best.
Face what we dread or give up on what has been said.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Sunday, 16 December 2012

A woman's heart

When a woman falls in love with a man whom she thought she knew,
Lives her life in a way that her tears will never stop.
It's already too late when she realizes the truth,
Because her heart is in love with in a dream that was not.
She will be abused; and used and hurt to no end,
Sleeping her sleepless nights; a wet pillow of tears at dawn.
Full of doubt of herself; regretting that she gave her heart as a whole then,
It returned to her broken beyond repair; new tears are born.
This woman wanted to be a wife; and had hopes to be a mother,
And you heartless fiends have broken her to pain.
They should be treated with love and respect; if not by one then another,
Never let any other girl feel like this again.
They are the gems of the earth; God's gift to man.
Fragile in soul and heart; beautiful by eyes.
Don't break a woman's soul just because you can;
Women are from the heavens; like the angels in the skies.
They wear make up because some evil men call them ugly;
Lowering their self esteem and dignity and destroying their hope,
No one is ugly; every woman is beautiful; they are all lovely,
Your just a man who hasn't found the gold.
You don't need money or a car; you need a woman's heart,
Because they are treasures of the stars,
whether you find one close to you or distance apart,
If you are lucky enough to have a woman's heart it doesn't matter if you're far.
It's all a man need to be successful in life,
Love of a woman; at your side as your wife.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Screaming Heart

Silence is what you can hear; but enter my heart for a world of pain.
Regrets that haunt; misery that drowns my happiness in it's rain.
A broken heart isn't always mended; or repaired or healed.
A broken heart is sometimes permanent because it's everything we feel.
My life really isn't what i make it look like; what i show to people,
My life is a shipwreck forever abandoned devoured by evil.
I hate that i am a person that succumbs to his feelings;
Crying at the chance crying when it hurts most.
Blood that is pleading; a soul that wants to stop breathing,
Because nightmares have stopped me from the dreams i was dreaming.
A cruel world with a cloud of shadow at it's host.
No one can understand me; understand what it feels to hurt like i do,
Even my shadow has left me alone to suffer; betraying my truth.
A cursed heart hosts my soul to suffer in lingering silence;
I want to break free from misery away from the hindering violence.
I want someone to find me and catch my tear before it falls,
The way i did because of loneliness; forgetting how i once stood so tall.
They say everyone deserves a chance at love; everyone deserves to love and be loved.
They forgot to say that it does not apply to me.
I have been alone for so long that it's been more than enough,
I can't handle a solitude that's worse than death; shoot me.
Cry like i do and find my heart screaming to the stars,
Shaking the heavens and causing hell to tremble.
A scream that thunder fears from a fragile shattered heart;
Broken memories remain; horrible things to remember.
It's time to leave; time to say goodbye to the world,
Time to forget when I've just met the most perfect girl.
Time to erase the past; and forget trying to make a new start,
I'm not restarting only to end up with another broken heart.
Yet even in the deepest agonies i find a light that holds me;
The beauty of that persons smile makes me want to stay.
But then my mind says to go; i don't want to be lonely,
And my heart says stay to love her in every single way.
A struggle against my soul; a conflict against desire,
The hardest war a person could fight in this life.
Could i handle the freezing cold and walk right into a fire,
Or could i stay strong with her smile in thoughts to fight?
If i take the first step away from someone i love;
I also take the first step towards a life in the middle.
She is my best friend and i still could be tough;
but i wish she knew what i went through when i was little.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

"Finding a way to you"

One day i will journey through life to find your smile,
Through every hardship and pain; and the distance in miles...
With the thought of love; i shall overcome tribulation and trial;
And revive the happiness i felt again after a long while.
I will travel with the stars in the lonely nights;
Fly with the blue skies so clear and bright.
With thoughts of your smile keeping me strong enough to fight,
Wanting to be besides you through every strife.
These miles may be many that keep me away from where you are;
But even that can't stop me from completing my heart.
The moon whispered to me the secrets of the stars;
And that you were an angel sent from so very far.
Your smile is my power; my energy; my medicine for life;
Your name is a symbol for peace and harmony in every sight.
Your eyes are the stones of heaven; your hair like silk so light.
Your heart and soul a combination of perfection in my eyes.
My words may not mean much to you; they are just words,
But for me they symbolize my ambitions to conquer this world.
This love i feel for you; the most perfect girl,
makes me feel as if i could fly with the winds and the birds.
You are my breeze in the summer days so warm and blessed,
You are my relief in days of grief and stress,
You are my belief for when i face the cruelty of life's test,
And you are the love; a love i never once felt.
You are in my thoughts in the cold days;
And become my dreams in my sleep.
Your sparkle like the shine of a gold plate;
A fantasy of a reality in a dream so serene.
A poem is meaningless and isn't the kind of gift anyone would expect;
But poetry is my speech and you are my passion for that descent.
I would no longer like to pretend; no longer push aside the fact that i love you.
But moreover emphasize the fact that you i respect.
You have become my smile; the reasons for my joy.
You are the melody i hear in my mind, the missing pieces of my voice.
You are the beauty i can see and hear in whispers;
the dreams i dream in day and night that tends to linger.
And now that its the time of the year when the warmth withers;
You are my warmth during the long cold nights of winter.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

Sunday, 2 December 2012

I once dreamed...

I once dreamed of a life so free;
Where i could live as me with space to breathe.
A life dancing to song and melody heard in silence's pleas,
The howling winds cool and hum a gentle breeze.
A harmonious peace like the sway of the trees,
Water flowing from falls; and stagnancy in rivers and seas.
I once dreamed a life where the sky would be my blanket;
The nights' forever warm under the stars that speak.
But life will never become the way we wish to plan it;
We are controlled through destiny; we shall never see.
I once dreamed a life where poetry could be my speech;
In rhythms that would touch the soul and heart to please.
When my words i write become the reflection of what i feel,
I once dreamed a life that could never be real.
i once dreamed a life where light wasn't just something we see,
Through everything that is covered by darkness; the shadows that flee.
A life of our dreams will become a life of ease;
And that would contradict the true purpose to why we breathe.
A life free of confusion and doubt from the things that we read,
A life free of pain and agony from when we bleed.
A life free of tears and emotions from when we plead,
A life free from death when our hearts find it hard to breathe.
This life will never be what we expect it to be or what we want it to be,
but that is the problem with us; we live in our dreams and not in reality.
We want to live happily in peace with our beloved friends and family.
Things will never be the way we want, only the way that they have to be,
and we carry on chasing the many illusions of life ever so frantically.
 We let loose our emotions; sometimes we become blind and do things angrily,
scared to loose what we have lived for; scared that we are living in vanity.
An emotional alchemy at disarray but we still try to live our lives casually.
As we live in a world where every sight is a tragedy, ignoring the brutalities,
and the fact that wherever we go there will always be hints of blasphemy.
Lets keep our agonies to ourselves and touch the edges of  insanity,
because life can be anything when we are mad; no more calamities.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet