Monday, 26 November 2012

Writers' Block

The sounds of the breath of life can be heard in the silence i sit in,
Bereft of inspiration to write away to soul's desire.
Lost mind without ability to think it's lost rhythm,
Has it come to a time where my poetic career must retire?
No i decline; i shall never throw away what is my passion,
What keeps my spirits; energy to live my life.
Like the stars falling like meteors the rage is blasting,
I can't tell what this is; writers block' an enemy in sight.
I thought i couldn't put any words together again,
Not in the same flow i used to be able to.
Now that i start again i am that poet; forever same,
As i revive that passion again may this be my fabled truth.
My book unfinished; now determined to finish what i started,
My project of a lifetime i need to look for inspiration.
Poetry is what symbolizes me; a definition of what my heart is,
But when i look that way it seems i used up all that inspiration.
Ideas, ideas, ideas...all i need to retake that journey;
To jump over the obstacles and the enemies that try to hurt me.
Writers block' a disease to a passionate poet that rhymes words,
With letters and all it's meaning that could be found in the world.
I fell into a shadow but now i rise again into light,
Passion re flamed and rekindled like the rhymes that flow bright.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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