Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The Palestinian Genocide

Thousands of innocent people are being slaughtered for no reason,
From mothers; to husbands and fathers to children who just started breathing.
The men are policing; the women are screaming and the babies are bleeding,
Blood splattered on the walls dripping down like water leaking.
While we sit here and do nothing but watch it on our TVs,
Because we can't do anything but face up to these feelings,
Watching our brothers and sisters in Islam horribly being defeated,
But we shall prevail; All praises to the Lord we believe in.
Israel; a country where evil is born; a reincarnated Hitler,
But not today, today you shall not be the victor.
You wept when Hitler had wiped out the convoy of Jews,
Now you think it's fine to do that to people who live by a truth.
That was a holocaust; a genocide and now we share that pain,
But don't call  Hitler a demon when you're both from the same place.
Why do you spill our blood with intentions of revenge,
We Muslims never wiped out your people we can't even defend.
And the US following your backside just a hypocritical pretense,
Obama just a fake man with fake values who knows only to pretend.
America is now Israel's puppet as they try to occupy the holy land,
A land that belonged to the Muslims till date now a holy stand.
A holy war; a holy conflict, battle; massacre that you shall not surpass.
Call it what you may; but by God's name you shall not last.
Masjid Al Aqsa is what we believe to be Solomon's treasure,
But what you dig for underneath is nothing but for your pleasure.
Masjid al Aqsa; a mosque created by the Jinn and HudHud's feather,
But you can never take it; it shall remain standing forever.
We have something that you shall never have; faith,
An article of immense power that will always keep us safe.
Destroy us, Slaughter Us but we shall end up in a better place,
Where you shall not living in eternal regret and pain.
You take pride in slaughtering new born babies,
Then killing their mothers who are nothing but innocent ladies.
Then you kill their fathers showing us that you are crazy,
A demonic blood thirst; demonic intent another Hitler maybe.
You say you defend; when it's you that's been attacking for years,
It's the Palestinians that lose blood and cry all their tears.
When have you ever cared; being so unjust and unfair,
Killing with your weapons; people with hands that are bare.
Free Free Palestine will be something we shall always be chanting,
And the day will come when they are liberated and we shall be dancing.
Free Free Palestine will be a slogan that will be the one thing you cannot hear;
Because you will be buried in your own graves with bullets in your ears.

© 2013, Mohammed Muavia Raja a.k.a MaaviPoet

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