Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sitting alone in the dark

Sitting alone in the dark; inside a heart broken.
Fear that love will always be far; in time a dark omen.
Tears flow when the stars have spoken, leaving traces of a hard heart token.
We feel like we bleed when our heart is in pain,
When the emotions are in conflict; screaming in the rain.
Sometimes it feels like we cannot breathe like life making a change,
Showing us reality and that our sight is just feign.
So cry out to the heavens that your heart is crying,
Try now to the devil whispering in your soul forever lying.
Telling you that you always be on your own; alone,
A whisper that sends coldness right to the core of your bones.
Sitting in the darkness; stay in that place.
Until your soul is ready again just hide your face.
Sitting in the darkness; tears flowing from your eyes like streams.
Cursing the heartless; for ruining your life and killing your dreams.
Questioning yourself if it was possible for your heart to be fixed and repaired?
The shadow on the wall with fear instilled and despair.
Sitting in the darkness with no hope remaining,
With nothing but a broken heart in the wish that life would replace it.

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